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Why does the Pontiac Gran Am stall when put in drive but keeps running roughly and backfires from the exhaust while in park?


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2004-11-08 09:04:36
2004-11-08 09:04:36

i sound's like the problem might b your air/fuel mixture is not operatting properly or the timing belt or chain might have jumper/ stretched, also there might be water in the tank.


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the seat on the exhaust valve is dirty so the valve does not seal it.... not sure how to clean it

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if it only backfires when shutting off, usually this means its getting to much gas!! if it backfires will running adjust carburater.

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Most O2 sensors are in the Exhaust pipe running from the back of the manifold. It is silver with a single black wire running to it. It threads into the exhaust pipe like a spark plug and can usually be accessed from under the hood. Happy Wrenching.

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If it runs, it will miss slightly and RPM gauge will be lower than the 800 RPM normal. It could exhibit some "thumping" sounds at the exhaust which is exhaust being pulled back because valves are not properly closing - test this by holding a piece of paper at exhaust and see if it pulls back into pipe instead of constantly blows away. If it backfires while starting or running.

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