Why does the ac blow hot air?

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More than likely you need to have your refrigerant recharged. or your A/C Compressor needs to be replaced.

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Q: Why does the ac blow hot air?
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What if your car ac blowing hot air after you changed the battery why?

your car ac will only blow hot air when there coolannt in the car is finished or the car is oveerheated.

What can cause the ac not to blow air out?

clean the part which is in front by opening it . it is the part which sucks hot air

Can a bad thermostat make ac blow hot air?

No. The thermostat is not likely to be the cause.

How do you fix a 1994 JGC that blows hot air even when on ac setting?

refill the a/c, it will blow hot air with no refrigerant in the vehicle.

Why does the rear ac in 97 Chevy venture blow hot air when the front ac blows cool air?


Why does your central air unit blow cold air for only a few minutes then blows warm air?

why does ac blow warm air? why does ac blow warm air?

Why would your ac in your 2000 Saturn SC1 blow hot air?

you might need to refill the freeon

What causes AC to blow hot air when in idle at the traffic light?

You probably have a low refrigerant level.

What are possible causes for car ac to blow hot air with the pump engaged?

The chemical in the air conditioning unit needs replaced.

Why does car blow hot and cold air when in ac mode?

If it's cold outside do you want cold air blasting when you get in your car?

Why does my 1999 f-250 AC blow only hot air?

You may need to charge your a/c with refrigerant.

Are laptops meant to blow out hot air or cold air on your fan?

Hot air because it is blow out the hot air from the inside of the laptop.

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