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Why does the car shake when idle and jerk when braking?

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2010-10-17 06:04:47

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I had this same problem.

I am guessing what you mean is that the car is


If you look at your RPM's on your car you will see that it is

a low lower than it normally is.

For my car it idled at around 400 RPM's ( which is very


Depending on your car it can idle at a variety of different


This problem started happening to me when I changed my 02



Go to an auto shop and have them scan your car with one of

their sensors that gives you an error code on what's wrong.

Google that code or see if they can look it up while they are


If it is the 02 sensor then you need to replace it.

Mine cost me about 60 bucks.

After I replaced my 02 sensor it fixed my cars idling


The first time I replaced my 02 sensor is what gave my car

the problem.

After I replaced for the second time it went away.

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