Why does the driver's side passive restraint shoulder belt on your 1992 Ford Tempo GL get stuck in the 'open' position and how can you fix it?

There is a tech bulletin on the subject. In fact there are 2 on the shoulder belt restraint system. You can find the titles on http://www.alldata.com/TSB/19/91192054.html

but you have to pay to get the full Tech service Bulletin. Maybe you know someone at Autozone who can get it for you for free.

Lowe's has a Teflon spray that leaves no residue. It's in a spray can. Once it drays all that's left is teflon. You could try using this in the track to loosen up the belt.

There is a switch inside the door next to the latch. It is the switch that controls the shoulder belt. Mine tore up a while back. I wired in a manual switch. If I remember correctly, it switches to ground when the door is ajar, and to 'open' when door is closed.