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had same problem on my 95 check wires from gas tank to the front make sure the wires are not expose to any metal

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โˆ™ 2010-03-29 23:02:56
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Q: Why does the emc fuse blow on your 93 gmc safari?
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Which fuse for dashboard?

i need help in finding the fuse for my 2000 gmc safari

Fuse box location in GMC safari 1995?

A GMC Safari is one of the vehicles that installed their fuse boxes under the hood. To open it squeeze both sides.

If the power locks are not working on a 2000 GMC Safari and only work from the remote is it a fuse problem?


How many catalytic converters do GMC Safari's have?

GMC safari has twoconverters

Rear hatch lock will not open on 1998 GMC Safari AWD?

check fuse Im serious it happened to me

Where is the fuse box in your gmc safari 1995?

driver side next to parking brake under black cover

How do you fix the vacuum line for a 99 GMC safari?

The AC does not blow on the main front vents. Only rear and defrost.

Is there a reset button in the fuse box of a 96 gmc safari van?

F.Y.I fuse boxes do not come with reset buttons. If there is a problem the fuse for that circuit will blow thus saving any damage that might occur. It is important to replace said fuse with the same amperage Number on top or side usually in white will tell you what amperage it is.

Where is the emc on a 1991 gmc sonoma?

passanger side under the dash

Where is master fuse system located under hood 1993 gmc safari?

i have a 2005 suburban that is complety dead with a new battery is there a master reset or fuse

What causes the brake light fuse to blow on a gmc 2003 envoy?

Tail light assembly short

What causes the air conditioning on a GMC Safari to blow out the heater vents?

You have a broken vacuum hose under the hood that supplies the switch.

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