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dont use the tub or shower until you have an electrician check it out. dont know why its doing it but do know that water & electric dont go together. repeat dont use it until its checked out by a qualified electrician!!!!!!!!! My suggestion is that perhaps you are developing a static charge when you walk on your carpet and are releasing it when you touch your faucet. If this is not the case perhaps you have a slight voltage leak to your Plumbing combined with a faulty ground and a damp floor which is allowing your body to close the the circuit. I believe the static theory is the problem though. The composition of your foot wear when sliding on the carpet could very well develop this charge. Hope this has helped! Answer one is difinitely correct, while answer two COULD be correct, BUT if some electrical system fault is the cause, it could be fatal. I find it very unsuual in that IF static electricity were the cause, then the recurrence would be very sporadic depending on variations in temperature and HUMIDITY. If, as your question states, this happens EVERY TIME you touch the faucet handle[s], then the the cause IS NOT due to static electricity. Prudence and safety demand that a QUALIFIED AND LICENSED ELECRICIAN troubleshoot, test, and analyze the plumbing and electrical system to determine the cause.

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Where do the bath water come from?

A faucet.

Will repairing bath faucet requires repairing the bath floor too?

You should not have to repair or replace the flooring when repairing the bath faucet. Unless you had a water leak that resulted in lots of water damage to the flooring.

Is the water flow the same on a sink faucet and a bath tub faucet?

It depends on the make of the faucets.

On which side of a bath is the cold water faucet?

The cold water should always be on the right side when in the tub facing the faucet. Thanks for pointing out the typo

What does a tub faucet do normally?

A tub faucet acts as a shower and can be used to bath in the bath tub. It is a pressure valve which makes the flow of water through it constant and gives a nice shower.

When you are taking a bubble bath which goes first the bubble bath thing or the water?

Bubble bath gel should be added under a running faucet.

Bath Faucet Repair Tip?

Sometimes a leaky or broken bath faucet is too difficult to handle on your own and you must leave it to an expert. It can take a while for a plumber to get to your house to repair a bath faucet, so while you are waiting to have it repaired, don't let all that leaking water go to waste! Place a bucket or large bowl under the faucet and use this water to water plants or to soak dishes in before you wash them. This is a great way to conserve water, too!

How do you install a bath faucet?

"Make sure you have the correct sized faucet and the correct tools. Turn off your water and then remove the existing faucet. Replace it with the new one, making sure it is sealed so that no leaks can occur when you turn your water back on."

How many gallons of water does a bath tub faucet deliver per minute?

Average bath faucets will deliver 3 - 5 gallons per minute,

What will make you have no hot water pressuer in the bath tub but its good everware in the house?

Your bath faucet has become clogged up and should be cleaned if possible,or replaced.

I completely close my shower faucet but the cold water still runs it is a two tap faucet and it is just a shower not a shower bath combination what is going on?

Proably the faucet has a worn out washer, replacing the washer should fix the problem.

What could cause the bath water to turn brown when coming out the faucet?

I think it has something to with your pipes not your water. Your pipes are must probably rusty and it is coming out in the water.

Your water pipes in your bathtub make a howling noise. When you open the sink faucet it stops or if you wait long enough it stops on its own. How do you solve this problem?

Could be the washer vibrating in the bath faucet/mixer. Over time, washers can degrade and become floppy or develop a rough surface. High pressure water over the surface can act like air past a clarinet reed. Opening the sink faucet takes the water feed pressure off the bath faucet, stopping the vibration.

How many gallons for a 15 minute bath?

It depends on the size of the tub, how much water your faucet allows to flow out, and how long you let the water run.

Why was the hot water turned to hot but the bath was cold?

Hot water tank not working or a faulty faucet.

Why does dirty water come out of bath faucet?

Either you have rusty galvanised piping or if it is the hot water (as it is not specified in the question) your hot water tank may be rusting from the inside.

What is the rate of water coming out of a faucet?

The average kitchen faucet in a house will supply 2.5 -3 gallons per minute at 50 PSI. That is an average hose working pressure in north America. A large bath faucet will supply 3 + gpm and a single lever bathroom sink faucet will be about 2 gpm.

How do you repair a bath tub faucet leak?

This depands on the type of faucet you have, however looking at the link below this answer, may help.

Why do your new bath tub faucets leak?

Defective faucet or foreign material got into faucet at installation. Improper installation.

What should you do if your bath overflows?

1) Turn off the tap (faucet) 2) Empty the bath 3) Mop up the water on the floor. 4) Dry the room out (and perhaps the room below)

You have brownish water when first turning on bath faucet you also notice brown vertical streaks in toilet What is the cause?

You have a high iron content in your water. There are systems to correct this but there not cheap.

I have to run the water in the kitchen for long time to get it hot but the bath water gets hot fast its further away from the hot water tank than the kitchen?

The volume of water that comes out of the tub faucet is much greater than the volume of water that comes out of the kitchen faucet. Let's say that the bathroom is twice as far from the water heater than the kitchen, so twice as much water has to be run to get the hot water. If the tub faucet allows more than twice as much water to pass through, then it will get there faster.

Is there a bath fixture I could use that would be safer for children?

Bath fixes are hard in nature, as they have to withstand constant exposes to water. Many stores geared at children's safety offer solutions, such as placing an inflatable, water-proof padding around the faucet.

Water from bath tap is lukewarm but hot from rest of taps?

Need to adjust temperature limit stop on faucet behind handle, on single lever valve.

Ways to get an electric shock?

Goto Bathroom... Fill Bath Plug in toaster - turn on Get in bath Drop toaster in bath...

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