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Why does the faucet in the bath tub shock you every time you turn the water on?



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dont use the tub or shower until you have an electrician check it out. dont know why its doing it but do know that water & electric dont go together. repeat dont use it until its checked out by a qualified electrician!!!!!!!!! My suggestion is that perhaps you are developing a static charge when you walk on your carpet and are releasing it when you touch your faucet. If this is not the case perhaps you have a slight voltage leak to your plumbing combined with a faulty ground and a damp floor which is allowing your body to close the the circuit. I believe the static theory is the problem though. The composition of your foot wear when sliding on the carpet could very well develop this charge. Hope this has helped! Answer one is difinitely correct, while answer two COULD be correct, BUT if some electrical system fault is the cause, it could be fatal. I find it very unsuual in that IF static electricity were the cause, then the recurrence would be very sporadic depending on variations in temperature and HUMIDITY. If, as your question states, this happens EVERY TIME you touch the faucet handle[s], then the the cause IS NOT due to static electricity. Prudence and safety demand that a QUALIFIED AND LICENSED ELECRICIAN troubleshoot, test, and analyze the plumbing and electrical system to determine the cause.