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Why does the floor on the passenger side get wet when it rains?

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I had a '92 Corsica that had that problem, it was the weather stripping along the door that was causing the problem. If it doesn't seal properly, or if the weather stripping is coming loose in some place it won't work as well as it should.


Many Ford escorts have that problem from a leak where the rain water is not draining completely from cowl area and dripping into the vent system around the blower fan on the passenger side. I also saw a Chevy cavalier with a wet floor from the a/c condensation not draining & it was overflowing into the passenger area.

Our 1999 Grand am had a small pinhole in the floor allowing water to come up under the carpet. Pull your carpet back a little and take a water hose spray under floor boards see if you can see water coming in.

well many of the older cars have drains from the vents they can be difficult to locate but look at the bottom of your wind shield and remove the plastic cover that covers the air filter take a vacuum a suck it all out pour a glass of water in there well not into where the blower motor is just at the base of where the filter was a see if the water drains out if not the drain is still plugged and that is how the water is getting in it floods the compartment and backs up in to the motor shroud and in turn leaks out onto the passenger side floor so try an air hose or just keep on vacuuming until you find it good luck

2011-09-14 00:08:51
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Q: Why does the floor on the passenger side get wet when it rains?
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Saturn sc Why would the floor on a car's passenger side get wet when it rains?

windsheild leaks

Why Wet passenger side floor?

check sunroof for leakage

Why is passenger side floor wet?

better check your heater core.

Why would the floor on a car's driver side get wet when it rains?

you left the window open stupid!

What would cause the passenger floor to be very wet when it rains on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

Windshield seal? Lower door seal? Hole in floor ?

Why is the passenger side floor wet in your Sante Fe?

It probably has a leak in the heater core.

Why is your car floor wet inside on passenger side?

You probibly have a bad heater core.

Volkswagen passanger side gets wet when it rains?

Assuming that the window is rolled up, you must have a bad rubber door seal on the passenger side.

When it rains the inside is wet on the floor.the driver side and passenger do you stop it?

Check to see if your floorboard is rusted through. If it is patch it.

Why is the floor on driver's side wet when it rains of my 1996 Corsicca?

You have a leak. Possibly the drain lines are stopped up or the leak is at the windshield.

What would cause the passenger floor to be constantly wet on a 2003 suburban?

If it's the front passenger side ,I would say your heater core is leaking .

Your floorboard is wet after it rains?

One reason your floorboard is wet after it rains is that there may be rust holes in the floor or the floor pans are rusted out. A leak in the windshield seal may also be the cause of wet floorboards. Bad door seals or window seals can allow water to soak the floorboards when it rains.

What is the wet side of the mountain?

the wet side is where the sun cant get at so its rains there and doesnt really dry

Why is the passenger side floor bord of my 1998 Nissan Maxima always wet or damp?

If it is wet with engine coolant you have a leaky heater core.If it is wet with water you have a plugged AC condensation drain.

Why Floorboards are wet on passenger side 2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

some pump underneath the passenger side floor is clogged. unsure of what pump it is though. Mine was like that too. Cost around $200 to fix.

What if it rains?

If it rains, then it rains. If it rains, things on the street will get wet and anything not protected from the rain will get soaked or wet.

What causes water vapor on the floor of the passenger side of a 2001 S-10?

Water on the passenger side floor would be a plugged up AC drain. The drain is located under the hood, at the lowest point on the HVAC box on the firewall. However if the floor is wet with engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

Why is the passenger side floor wet in your 2003 Saturn L200?

Well, if your experience is anything like mine, your heater core is gone. Take it to the shop.

What causes my passenger side floor board to be wet 2005 Chevy impala?

Check for a sickly sweet smell. The heater core is probably leaking coolant into the floor. The core is not repairable but can be replaced.

Why is your vw passat passenger floor is wet?

Is it blood, oil, water, or urine?

Why does the floor get wet on the passenger side of 1997 Lincoln town car?

because at the bottom of the door its is a black plug pull it out and all the water will drain out of your door

Why is your floor wet on the front passenger side?

I had the same problem with our 99 venture we found out that the drain hose for the A/C had come off and was draining inside the van.

Wet rear passenger floor board 1992 Toyota tercel?

Check the undercarriage for rust holes. My Bonneville would flood when it rained because of a small hole in the passenger side rear wheel well.

Why is your passenger floor board wet on a 2003 dodge durango.?

It's a Dodge thats why.

Where is the water leak in your 94 Saturn SC2 that gets your floor mats wet?

check your blower motor, located under the dash board. its on the passenger side. if the leak is on the drivers side, i have no clue. but my hubby's car is leaking water from the blower motor on the passenger side. found out at the car wash...