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did you try reseting the fuel cutoff in the truck. it will be under the carpet, drivers side, there will be a sign.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 00:13:16
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Q: Why does the fuel cutoff light stay on ALL the time in your 1994 ford probe just bought it 6 days ago thanks?
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Where is the fuel cutoff switch located on 1994 Ford Probe?

The fuel cutoff / inertia switch is located in the trunk on the left side quarter panel under the carpet. Most have a rubber boot on them.

Why would 1994 ford probe gt stall at a stop and the fuel cutoff light come on?

I have a 1994 Probe GT and that has happened to me before. To fix this problem, there is a fuel cutoff switch on the driver's side of the trunk hidden behind the plastic trunk panels. Make sure the red button is clicked down all the way, and you should be good to go. The car will cut off all fuel to the engine if that switch is tripped.

What does the message fuel cut outlet mean on a 1993 ford probe 4cy?

if you are referring to a warning light on the dash that is for the fuel cutoff, then it means the fuel cutout switch located in the luggage compartment on the right side is tripped.

1994 ford probe gt Fuel cutoff light comes on and car loses power sometimes starts back up on its own and other times you have to turn the car off and it starts right back up?

the fuel cut off light comes on when there is a problem with the fuel cutoff switch (whether its bad or tripped) and/or when there is a problem with the charging system. your situation seems to be that the alternator belt is slipping which would cause lights n such to dim and lose power and the fuel cutoff light to come on. inspect the alternator belt, replace if worn or tighten it

How do you remove rear brake lens on 1993 ford probe?

The 1993 Ford Probe rear brake light lens cannot be removed. The tail light are a complete seal light. The light bulb's can be removed from the rear of the light assembly.

How much is a main fusebox for a 1997 Ford Probe?

If you go to a junk yard it would be around $20-50. I bought on e for a 1996 probe for $15

How do you find the cut off switch on a 1997 ford probe?

If you are talking about a fuel cutoff switch then it is in the trunk right next to the fuel hose there is a little red button

How can you bypass the battery warning light and a 1983 V45 Sabre you bought a new battery that does not use the sending unit no place to put it on the new batt just want the light on the dash off?

I have an 82 Sabre and solved this by removing the battery probe and inline resistor, it unplugs from the sending wire at a connector a couple of inches from the probe. Connect the sending wire to any positive wire, insulate the connection to avoid shorting the electrical system. I kept the old connector intact and saved probe in case some time I will want to reinstall the battery probe.

Is it possible to bypass the fuel pump cutoff switch on a Ford Probe 1993 and if yes HOW?

I suppose you could wire your fuel pump directly to the keyed side of the fuse box.

In a 1994 probe why would the overdrive light flash?

you might wanna have your tranny checked my dads probe did the same thing right b4 the tranny went out of it

1993 ford probe the fuel cutoff light came on and the car stopped it smelled something buning but it was not the smell of rubber burning the car is getting gas does anyone have any ideas?

Feul pump safety switch activated; Plugged or damaged pcv valve; Improperly functioning fuel pump or circuits.

What is the probe size?

Probe,probe se 2.0 / probe gt 2.5

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