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Q: Why does the gas symbol stay on even though you have a full tank of gas?
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Why does the gas light stay on even though fuel tank is full?

The gas light could stay on if there is a problem with the fuel sending unit. The part of the unit that turns on the light is stuck.

Why do the genes come back even though they skipped a generation?

Beacause they are dominant and heterozygous and they stay with you even though you may not have the genes

When can a body stay at rest even though forces act on it?

The force is applied proportional to it...........

Why do you think immigrants stay even though there was discrimination?

I think the immigrants liked that place

What did Anne Frank do to stay alive?

She wanted to stay alive for her family. she still had hope even though she was mad for getting taken from hiding.

Is Keke Palmer spoiled?

No, she isn't spoiled. Even though she is rich, she manages to stay grounded.

Do nits stay in your hair even if you killed them?

Yes. Sometimes they will dry up and fall out though.

Why don't balloons stay up in the air even though they have air or hellium inside?

Air can escape from the ballons even if there aren't holes in them.

Is it selfish to want someone who is dying to stay even though they cannot speak or walk?

Although your intentions are good in wanting someone who is dying to stay can, even if they can no longer speak or walk, it is considered to be a selfish act.

Do your parents have the right to make you stay at their house until you graduate even though your 18?

No. You are 18, you can do what you want. You do not even have to go to school anymore if you do not want to.

What does stay gold Ponyboy?

It means 'stay true to yourself'. Johnny wants Ponyboy to stay himself and stay kind and smart even when he dies and even though it will be hard he has to stay true to himself. You should look up the poem 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' by Robert Frost. It might help you understand the concept better:) ~Hope I helped:)

Why would your ex girlfriend want to be friends with you even though she doesn't stay friends with her ex's and even after you told her not to talk to you anymore if she is with someone else and is?


Why does the compound formed by an ionic bond have a neutral charge even though the ions that bond are charged?

Because if its valence electron has 3 protons on the outer shell, then it'll stay charged even though the ions that bond are charged.

Could children be the same even after child abuse?

If by the same you mean happy of course they can. Even though what happened to them will stay with them forever they can always move on and be good people.

Can you move out of your moms house right now even though im 17?

dude your stupid stay in you parents house

How can the core stay solid even though it is 7000-8000 degrees Celsius?

you tested

A sentence with permissible in it?

Even though it is permissible for the seniors to leave school after their last class, many stay for after-school activities

Does mass stay the same if solid dissolves into liquid?

It is most likely not to even though they were made by the same kind of liquid substance.

How do you get your money from a coin hack to stay on rs?

There are no cheats or hacks for runescape there are only glitchs......but even glitchs happen rarely though.

Why does your husband want to stay married when he is unfaithful?

Your husband wants to stay married even though he is being unfaithful because he has been married 51 years and he is impotent besides he wants you to be intitled to his benefits.

Staying on Task?

Even though you might work from home, you still need to stay motivated. Having good office lighting is one of the best ways to stay awake and alert throughout the day.

Do waterspouts kill people?

Yes, they can. If they move on to land they are classified as full-fledged tornadoes. Even if they stay one the water they can capsize boats.

Can you get removed even though married to a US citizen?

Yes, you can be removed from the USA even though married to a US citizen. The immigration offices/patrol may interview the people in the marriage, if there is suspicion the marriage is a scam. Marrying to stay in the USA is against the law. There is a penalty for it.

Is it stupid to ask your ex to stay friends even though he hurt me a lot but i am willing to forgive and be mature enough to be friends?

Good luck!

Should you wait for your husband even though he does not contact you from prison?

Call him and tell him that if he is to stay in that relationship he should call once or twise or its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!