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Technology is in full force now, but at a high price. People become lazy and send invitations, thank you notes, birthday cards and even talk with their mates or friends and family via email. My own personal thoughts on this is if it's long distance and cheaper to email or IM then that's OK, but when it's two people who love each other or there is something to celebrate with friends or family, then the old fashioned way of actually phoning the person or sending them a card in the mail should be done. People are their own worst enemies. The more technology out there the lazier and fatter humans get. They wonder why they have the "back seat bulge" and their bodies become flabby and they spend money going to a gym and getting on fad diets, when getting away from the computer more often and actually getting out in life and moving is far better and far cheaper. Some people through this new technology are actually becoming desensitized to the world around them and almost robotic in their feelings. They wonder why they feel lonely or left out. Gee, I wonder why! If they aren't on their computer they have their cell phones so glued to their ear it looks like a large tumor. LOL Tell this guy you don't like him emailing you all the time and to pick up the phone and call you. Marcy Maybe he is more comfortable talking this way..

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Q: Why does the guy who loves you go on an online messenger to speak to you instead of calling or texting to ask you out?
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