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It sounds like the blower motor resistor it is located on the firewall i had the same problem with mine not hard to fix part is around 20 dollars

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โˆ™ 2009-07-17 15:41:44
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Q: Why does the heat ac fan on my 1996 Plymouth voyager only operate on high?
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1997 Plymouth Voyager heat does not work?

I don't know---does it? Get literate!

96 Plymouth voyager changed radiator and theromastat no heat?

Have the heater core flushed. It might be plugged up with corrosion and dirt.

Plymouth Voyager van making rattling noise from engine on passengers side what could it be?

Perhaps heat shield on catalytic converter?

Odometers doesn't works Plymouth voyager 1998?

Pull the gauge cluster out and use a low volt solder iron, and re-solder the points where it plugs in to the cluster, just heat it until the solder starts to melt.

Engine hot to the touch?

Every vehicle gets hot to the touch, it doesnt mean that your over heating or anything... a Plymouth Voyager gets 195 Degrees. the heat is actually better for the invironment then when the engine is cold because the heat helps burn all gases and keeps it from the air.

What is the spark plug wire routing on 1993 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 liter?

On my 94 voyager with the 3.0L the cylinder numbers are stamped into the heat shield located under the spark plug boots - you won't see these numbers with the wires on, since it obscures the stamping. On my van sequence from Left to right is: Front 2-4-6, Rear 1-3-5.

What is the reverse of heat engine operate?

carnot engine

How does an electric fire operate?

it works by electricity and heat

What causes 1998 Plymouth breeze heat not to get warm?

check your water...

What is the energy source for the voyager 1?

Voyager 1 uses radioisotope thermolectric batteries, powered by the heat generated from the decay of a radioactive substance. In this case, plutonium oxide.

What are the ratings and certificates for L-A- Heat - 1996?

L-A- Heat - 1996 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

Why do heat pumps operate more efficiently than electric?

refrigerant has a natural affinity for heat

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