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you need to replace your heater core

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Q: Why does the heater blow heat while driving and cold at idle?
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Why does your heater blow cold air while idling but blows hot air while driving?

Low coolant, failed thermostat, partially plugged heater core...............

Why would a car only blow cold air when driving?

Only blows cold air with the a/c on while driving, your cooling fan or fan clutch is bad depending on the year, make and model.......... Only blows cold air with the heater on while driving, you will have a bad or broken internal a/c - heater control door.....

Why does the heat blow cold while idling and warm when driving?

Poor circulation probably due to a restricted (plugged up) heater core.

Why would a heater blow cold air at an idle and warm air while driving?

Low on coolant. Stuck open thermostat. Poor circulation (plugged heater core).

Why does the heater on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan blow cold while driving down the freeway and then when it idles for a few minutes will finally blow hot air?

It is either your water pump or your thermostat

Why does the AC only blows cold while driving?

Well it should blow cold while driving and stopped. You probably need to get your AC recharged. Hope I helped!!

How will the heater react if the heater core is stopped up?

Your heater will blow cold air only.

Why does your Dodge Ram 1500 blow cold air when sitting still and blows hot air while driving?

thermostat probably damaged or stuck....and worse case scenario....your heater core is going out.

Why would a house heater blow out cold air?

It doesn't really blow it out it just warms the cold air.

How can you tell if heater blower is not working?

it wont blow heat itll blow cold air

Car heater blows cold air when not driving?

A car heater taps off engine heat. If you aren't driving, then the engine is cold and there's no heat for the car heater to use.

Why does the car heater blow cold air until driven for a while?

it has to heat up, just like water has to warm in the faucet.

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