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Why does the person doing the rejecting sometimes suddenly start to want the person who he had been rejecting?

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June 18, 2005 7:33AM

Most of us would really like to think we know ourselves, but the truth is we don't! Every turn in our lives is one adventure after the other and we have absolutely no indication as to how we will react to any given situation, so, sometimes when we reject someone it's either because we feel they aren't old enough for us, too old, or we start picking away at their appearance. We may also be afraid of falling in love and consider that one is very unlucky in love. Remember the quote, "One duth protest too much" is usually an indication we are fighting against something we should let naturally fall into place. Perhaps this person has not been rejecting the other at all, but is treading cautiously because they have been hurt before. In time, trust can usually worm it's way in and that person that was doing all the rejecting is beginning to trust once again. Love is simply a gamble for all of us.