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Most of us would really like to think we know ourselves, but the truth is we don't! Every turn in our lives is one adventure after the other and we have absolutely no indication as to how we will react to any given situation, so, sometimes when we reject someone it's either because we feel they aren't old enough for us, too old, or we start picking away at their appearance. We may also be afraid of falling in love and consider that one is very unlucky in love. Remember the quote, "One duth protest too much" is usually an indication we are fighting against something we should let naturally fall into place. Perhaps this person has not been rejecting the other at all, but is treading cautiously because they have been hurt before. In time, trust can usually worm it's way in and that person that was doing all the rejecting is beginning to trust once again. Love is simply a gamble for all of us.

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Why animals harm people?

Sometimes they are doing so in self-defence or defending their young or their territory if they feel people are a threat. Sometimes they attack for food, either for food the person has or to eat the person.

In 1989 what were aging communist leaders of eastern European nations doing?

still rejecting calls for reform

If a bus passenger injures another passenger because bus stopped suddenly who is liable?

This depends on the jurisdiction (what countries laws apply)Also what caused the bus to stop suddenlyWas the person that caused injury doing something unsafe?Was the person that was injured sitting or holding on properly?And so onIt is unlikely the person that actually impacted the injured person will be found liable BUT it could happen

Why your Sony laptop suddenly will shutdown?

What are you doing before it shuts down?

What should you have been doing to protect your document if your computer shuts down suddenly?

Probably doing frequent saves...

Who said 'Start by doing what's necessary then do what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible'?

Saint Francis of Assisi

Why are ultimatums sometimes a bad idea?

Ultimatums are sometimes a bad idea because it may force an answer you didn't want from a person you needn't have confronted at all. It may force a person to do what you don't want them to do instead of them doing nothing at all, which would be better.

Why is your cat acting weird suddenly?

There are many different reasons why a cat could be acting weird suddenly. It really depends on what the cat is actually doing. What is it that makes it weird?

What is vagabond?

A vagabond is a traveller. It is a homeless person whom travels around, doing odd jobs when they can to make money. Sometimes they street preform, or busk.

Examples of bandwagon?

Bandwagon refers to a specific activity that is suddenly popular and an opinion that if the majority is doing something, then you should be doing it too. Examples of bandwagon include when a team starts winning games and everyone are suddenly interested in being fans of the team and supporting them.

How can you tell that a person is thinking?

well, there are some ways you can tell if a person is thinking or not... you can know this if : - he/she is looking at something - no/ little response to the conversation - if he or she suddenly starts a new conversation - if he or she is doing nothing( this one isn't that reliable but in some cases it could help) - you can see it in the body language/eye contact of the person

Can a person forget what they are doing after a petite mal seizure?

It can happen sometimes, but some petit mal seizures are so minor that they will be aware it is happening and it will not affect their concentration.

Ideas for inventions?

Ideas for inventions can come from your imagination. Invention ideas sometimes come from a person thinking of a new use for something or a better way of doing something.

How can you meet one direction in person?

By doing the fan meet-greet at concerts. Or sometimes they do public events like fundraisers or performances, so maybe there too, I guess.

What kind of training is required in order to become an electrician?

To become an electrician a person needs to go through a huge amount of training. Sometimes companies offer apprenticeships which means that a person can learn whilst doing the job.

What is a skateboard used for?

Transportation and sometimes doing tricks

What is the adverb in the sentence A mother lion sometimes leaves her cubs?

A mother lion sometimes leaves her cubs.A verb is a 'doing' word = and the doing word above is 'leave'.

How do you know when your girlfriend is hiding something?

She might unnecessarily change topic or be suspicious when you arrive suddenly or ask what she is doing.

Why would a dog suddenly begin salivating heavily and have trouble swallowing?

well you should take it to the vet if its doing that...

What are sentences using is or are?

(The form of the verb to be include is, 3rd person singular, and are, 2nd person singular, or any person plural.)She is doing her homework. The cat is on the sidewalk.They are doing their homework. The cats are on the sidewalk.We are doing our homework. Are you doing your homework? They are done with their homework.

Serene Global services why 2 lacs if student is offering original certificates worth his lifetime of graduation?

because they are doing business with candidates money. they do have a clause on rejecting this deposit

What do you do if the person you love does drugs and drinks on a daily basis Is there a way to talk them out of it?

AnswerUsually not. Sometimes if they think they are going to lose you they will try and quit but if they like what they are doing they will most likely continue.

Why do people have favoritism?

people have favorites b.c ; they just like one person more than the other .. & sometimes pl just dont know they are doing it, when they are ikt can be unentitional

How does mental illness relate to crime?

sometimes the mentally ill person doesnt really understand what they are doing is wrong, feel nothing is real so it doesnt matter. sometimes if the crime is very close to symptoms of there illness, they wont be charged, but will be hospitalised.

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Steve was swimming over a sting ray for a documentery when the stingray suddenly peirced him in the heart