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If you replaced the hose and it happened again, it's probably an over-pressure condition. If you HAVEN'T replaced the hose, try it.

I had this exact problem. I put a screw type clamp on it instead of the spring type.

took care of that problem..

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โˆ™ 2010-03-23 03:26:20
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Q: Why does the power steering hose frequently blow off the fitting on the gearbox -especially in cold weather-replaced the pump-94 T-bird-4.6L?
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Why does my van make a whining noise especially when you turn?

It is likely to be the power steering pump complaining that the power steering fluid is low.

Can you disconnect the power steering on 1986 Corolla without harming your car?

The car will run O.K., but steering will be hard ... especially when you try to park.

Do power steering sealers work?

I've had very good luck using power steering sealers especially on Ford products. If the hose or steering rack is not pouring out fluid, you may have good luck with it.

What is power steering compare to manual steering?

Power steering has a pump driven of the engine that pressurizes hydraulic fluid to assist in moving the steering rack. Manual steering doesn't have the pump, so the effect to turn the steering wheel is high, especially at low speeds. Manual steering racks have a higher gear ratio to make it easier but an example is to turn your steering wheel with the engine off. You can get an idea of how much the pump helps.

What power steering fluid is used in a 6-cylinder Jeep Liberty?

There is a fluid made especially for power steering systems. It can be purchased at any parts house.

Why does your Toyota starlet steering wanders especially on rough surface?

bad shocks or bad alignment.

Why does your steering wheel shake at hi speed?

Frequently, a vehicle's vibrations are caused by something as simple as a tire not being properly balanced.

When you run out of gas do you lose your power steering?

yes,because engine will stop if engine will stop ,power steering pump will stop. Yes, the power steering pump is powered by the rotation of the motor which is powered by fuel. If the motor stops the pump stops and steering becomes very labored especially at lower speeds.

Can a you joint on a steering column break apart?

most steering columns have a joint held togather with a rubber or neopreme flange and bolted togather, yes it can break Yes, they can break, especially after they are old.

Manuel steering on a 1983 camaro?

I converted my power steering equipped 84 Firebird to manual steering by using a manual steering box from a Chevy S10 pick-up. It was a simple bolt in replacement. And of course you have to use a shorter accessory drive belt after removing the pump. Steering effort when car is moving is not bad at all. Parking is another story, especially with 245/50 tires!

When is it time to replace ball joints?

when there is excessive movement in them, rubber gaitors are split or rotten and rust in the ball socket, steering wander, uneven tyre wear, steering knocking, especially pronounced under braking

Why the steering wheel of the tipper truck feel hard steer?

You should first have the toe-in alignment of your steer axle(s) checked, especially if you notice unusual wear on those tires. From there, check the steering gear box(es) for proper operation, presence of power steering fluid, etc.

Where can you find a diagram for replacing the steering rack on a 1988 Mercury Cougar V8 especially where the fluid hose connects?


What all can cause a 1997 jeep wrangler to shake violently while driving at high speeds when going over small road transitions or bumps?

Loose/worn steering components. Especially the steering stabilizer shock and the trac bar.

What does a steering wheel attached to?

The steering column.The steering column.

How do you tell if your power steering is bad?

How would you know if your power steering pump was bad on a 1992 Lexus ls 400?Any of the following symptoms can indicate a faulty power steering pump:Lack of steering assist (i.e. steering wheel difficult to turn, especially at low speeds)A whining sound that becomes higher in pitch as engine speed (not vehicle speed) increasesA thin, oily fluid leaking from the engine compartment onto the ground below, accompanied by a drop in the power steering fluid reservoir level

How do you remove as ignition lock cylinder for a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais?

this is not for a novice, especially if you car is equipped with tilt steering, but can be accomplished if you follow the instructions on the repair guide that comes with the new ignition lock cylinder ( make sure when purchasing that they are included). you may need to buy / rent a spring compressor kit, especially made for small springs, and a steering wheel puller.

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion that the power steering occasionally goes out on more more frequently I shut the car off and restart it I have my power steering back Ideas?

air in the system first guess or debris in the system second guess. I'd suggest purging the fluid and replace with new then see how it goes.

Where can one buy an Ed Hardy leather steering wheel cover?

One may purchase an Ed Hardy leather steering wheel cover from O'Reilly Auto. The Sears departments store also have these covers in stock especially during the holiday season.

Where do I go to find a replacement rack and pinion steering gear?

It is very important that if you are having issues with your vehicle (especially its steering) to have it towed or professionally taken to your car dealership to be repaired. Do not drive your vehicle if it has major problems and be sure to get it professionally repaired at your vehicle's dealership.

What does city mean on the dashboard of your fiat punto?

It means that "City Mode" or "City Steering" is active. This is a mode that applies additional electronic assistance to the steering, making it lighter and more responsive, especially useful for tight manouevers at speeds under 35mph. There will usually be a button marked "City" or with a steering wheel icon on the dashboard that will toggle this setting on and off.

Why is steering stiff and i have power steering fluid?

Steering/suspension components worn? Bad steering rack? Power steering pump getting weak?

Why does your car make an awful grinding sound when you turn especially to the right and vibrates slightly when stopped?

The "awful grinding sound" might be a problem with your power steering

What sentence has the word 'steering'?

Steering is an important thing when sailing.

Where is the horn located on a 1996 mercury mystique?

In a 1996 Mercury mystique the horn is located in the middle of steering wheel and can sound by pressing the pad. Make sure to operate frequently to make sure it works.