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Do NOT pour any additives into your Power Steering. Car makers specifically warn against these additives--especially anything with teflon in it. It can clog filters and destroy your P.S. pump.

Chrysler vehicles must be bled with a vacuum pump to remove any air.

If it still whines, the filter may be plugged. Here's how to replace it:

It is possible that it was not bled correctly. It may also be that because when the fluid gets hot it thins out, as with any type of oil. There are a lot of aftermarket products that claim to fix things such as this--I would recommend Lucas, or depending on the type of car, if it is not factory equipped with ATF for the power steering fluid, to switch it over to ATF, as tranny fluid is a better hydraulic fluid than power steering fluid, and will not harm any power steering components. In fact, most vehicles produced from 2002 on, use ATF as a factory-installed steering fluid.

I hate to tell you that the dealer draws from the same pool of techs that anyone else would. Not to mention the techs at a dealer are generally paid on the amount of work done. Sooooo... why do you assume that it was bled right?

I have a Nissan Altima '95. The engine of the car gives a very thin cranking noise when it is started. Auto repair guys told me that I need to replace the power steering pump. Can it be the reason for this?

( bled right ) is a great dealerships do not care , they are there to make money mean your money , you need to see if they ( the dealer) filled it with fluid. again they don't care about you or your property , ( money) is all.....

BLED RIGHT is the best i have seen, it doesnt matter how many times you change the pump if the reservoir where your fluid goes is dry or empty that is what is making th whine noise you hear nothing more nothin less. if you have no water in your washer its simply not going to wash right well same with the power sterring no fluid no turn, your trying to force a machine to do something it has no power sterring fluid to help it do. ITS SIMPLY DRY of FLUID!!..

There are many reasons to cause a whine even after bleeding. They include air in the system, plugged filter (though not all cars, particularly older cars, have a power steering fluid filter), and age. It is not uncommon that the pump itself may have problems with its working parts. My best suggestion is to replace the filter and use ATF fluid. Otherwise the easiest way to remove the whine is to replace the pump itself, which could be wearing out anyway. And no, it is not simply dry of fluid.

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Q: Why does the power steering whine when it gets hot even after the dealer replaced the pump and rack and bled the system properly?
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Power steering noisy and hard to turn new pump just installed?

Was system purged totally and properly? Steering rack worn? Was system purged totally and properly? Steering rack worn?

What type of steering fluid for a 2004 passat?

Synthetic power steering fluid from the dealer only. Do NOT mix drugstore power steering fluid, ATF, or non-synthetic fluid in your steering system. Damage to the seals/gaskets could result in leaks.

What will happen if you put water in your power steering pump?

1. Your power steering won't work properly, because it requires hydraulic fluid. 2. You may cause corrosion in your power steering system.

Cadillac CTS with 129000 on it and the service stabililitie system keeps poping up took it back to the dealer and they dont know what it is or why it keeps coming on can somebody explain to?

Had the same problem on my 2003 CTS and it was the steering control sensor that needed to be replaced. No problem since

Where does the powersteering fluid go in a 2004 Saturn ion?

It doesn't. Saturn Ions don't use a hydraulic power steering system. They instead use an electric power steering system which uses a small electric motor to provide steering assistance. If you are having trouble with the power steering, take it to any GM dealer to have it serviced.

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What causes a stabilitysystem light to come on on a 2002 escalade?

stupid computer chip in steering system that is malfuctioning at least that's what dealer told me

Where is the power steering pump on a 04 Mazda RX8?

RX 8s do not have power steering pumps they use an electric power steering system. If you are having trouble good luck the dealer I went to just wanted to change it out instead of a easy electrical fix.

How can you construct a four wheel steering system?

If you have to ask how to do it, then you are unqualified to do so. 4-wheel steering systems are very complex in their design and operation, and require extensive Engineering to make them operate properly and safely.

If the power steering works when accelerating and does not work when the speed is slow what are the possible problems?

1 steering punp drivebelt faulty or not adjusted properly. 2 fluid level low. 3 hoses or lines restricted. 4 air in power steering system.

Where could a Pontiac Montana be leaking from if the radiator has been replaced and it is not running hot?

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What part or parts need to be replaced to regain power steering if loss of oil?

A basic PS system has three components: pump : hoses : steering box A rack and pinion system has the same components except the "rack" replaces the steering box. The question is, what kind do you have and can you tell where the fluid has leaked out from. The prices range from relatively cheap(Hoses) to expensive(pump or steering box/rack)

What does the hicas light mean on a 1993 infiniti j30?

The hicsa light stands for (High Capacity Actively Controlled Steering) It is Nissan's rear wheel steering system. It is very complicated so take it to a Nissan dealer for repair.

How many liters in a vw sharan power steering resivoir?

When I replaced my steering rck it took less than 2 litres to fill the system. I would estimate the resevoir only holds about 400-500 ml.

How do you change out the clockspring on a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

Good news is that you may not have to! There was a safety recall for the entire clockspring assembly. Here is an excerpt from a letter I have: The clocks pring assembly that connects steering wheel mounted electrical components to the electrical system on your minivan (VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) may lose the electrical connection to those components. This could cause the driver's airbag, horn, speed control system and/or steering wheel mounted radio controls (if equipped) to be inoperative. An inoperative driver's airbag will not deploy and can result in increased injury to the driver in a frontal crash ............. contact your dealer immediately to have the airbag system inspected. If your dealer determines that the clockspring has failed, it will be replaced without charge to you (diagnosis, parts and labor). ~ If your minivan currently has 70,000 miles or LESS, contact your dealer to have the clockspring assembly replaced without charge to you (diagnosis, parts and labor), even ifit appears to be functioning properly. ~ If your minivan currently has MORE than 70,000 miles and the AIRBAG light operates normally (illuminates for a few seconds after you start your minivan, and then goes out), the clockspring in your vehicle is functioning properly and no further action is necessary at this time. If the clockspring assembly fails at any time in the future, regardless of mileage, your dealer will replace it without charge to you (diagnosis, parts and labor)

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How the electric steering work and what is the advantage of electric steering system than the conventional steering?

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How do you install power steering pump on 04 Saturn ion?

You don't. Saturn Ions don't use a hydraulic power steering system. They use an electric power steering system using a small electric motor to provide steering assistance. If you have any problems with the power steering, take it to a GM dealer. GM had many problems with it, so they extended the power steering warranty on all Saturn Ions, Chevy Cobalts, Chevy HHRs and Pontiac G5s to 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Had a power steering leak in 2003 liberty changed the pump and power steering line drove it 400 miles then the steering began to tighten upany solutions?

did you bleed the system properly when changing pump.have you got correct level of fluid in pump. is it the correct pump for that vehicle

What kind of power steering fluid does a 2000 Dodge Caravan require?

Per the Chrysler dealer, a stand Power Steering Fluid can be used in the vehicle, but it can also take the ATF+4. When asked which is better, he said he would recommend that ATF+4. The cost, as of today, is $8.69 / per quart (USA) from the dealer. My local AutoZone carries Coastal ATF+4 - $5.99 / quart (USA). The Chrysler dealer recommended flushing the system if you are not sure what is in the system. It is the best way to be sure.

My 99 sunfire starts then shuts off replaced batt replaced the inigition switch also replaced starter relay the car starts kicks on high idle then shuts right off?

Sounds like your theft deterent system is engaged; for that you will need to go to the dealer (tow car to dealer). My 1996 had the same problem. They will have to replace the module in the dash or re-work it.

Just Replaced the power steering pump and belt and it is still hard to tuen and it makes awful noises?

you might have to bleed your system it sound like you air in it