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Passlock not working properly.

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Q: Why does the security camera light flash?
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is a sony 200 camera good under light?

the Sony 200 camera would be a good camera in any light. This camera has four different flash modes so you would be able to adjust the flash for whatever light you in.

How can you make you phone's camera flash?

Well if your phone doesn't have a flash light on it, then u can't use a flash, but if it does, in the camera mode, go to options and select camera settings and the flash settings should be there

How does camera flash stun animals?

Camera flash stuns animals because they are not used to that bright of a light. They are also surprised when you take a picture at them with flash because they don't really know what a camera is.

Why are there no shadows on faces when you take picture using a camera flash?

If the flash is on the camera it fills the face with light. If the flash is separate and to one side it casts shadows.

What kind of energy is in a camera flash?

light energy

What's the best flash for my Nikon camera?

Getting a Nikon 124res Camera flash will give you great light in very dark settings.

When was the flash camera invented?

The first flash camera was invented in 1925 when controlled magnesium burn was being used for a light source but in 1925 controlled magnesium was replaced with a flash.

Why is it that there are no shadows on the faces when you take a picture with a camera flash appliance go?

If the flash is pointing in the same direction as where the camera is pointed, there will be no shadows as any shadows are dispersed by the light from the flash.

How does the light from the flash of a speed camera get back to the camera to produce the photo?

Things that you are photographing reflect it.

Does Camera Flash light can pass Electric current?


What make the security light flash?

A Relay [LOL]

Name something that causes a flash of light?

lightning camera flash passing car flash light fireworks

Is the flash of a camera a source of light?

Yes. Most modern cameras use a xenon arc flash lamp.

What is the beam of a flashlight and the flash of a camera?

The beam of a flashlight (also known as a torch) is the cone where the light shines. A camera flash is a device that emits a brief intense pulse of light which can help to take a picture, particularly in poor light.

Does iPhone have a camera flash?

No, but if you download the app night camera, it takes good light images, even in the dark.

Camera lights for novice photographers?

If you are just getting into photography then you do not really need any extra lights if your camera has flash on it. The built in flash should be enough light for a novice.

How does energy transfer in digital camera?

the light of the flash, the heat from the batteries and the memory.

Do current flow through camera flash light?

Yes, electrical current

When you take a Photograph with the Flash is this picture how you really look like or the Photographs taken without the Flash is the real you?

its just more and less light same person if its dark u need the flash so u are not blacked out beaus no light is bouncing off u into the camera with out it and no light means black basically u need light to see and so does ur camera and the flash provides that light when u need it its always u

What is the most important feature of a camera security system?

That the camera gets a sharp image in the light it will be recording in.

Does the HTC wildfire have a camera flash?

Yes it has a 5mp camera with flash.

Is camera flash light is good conductor of electiricity?

YEs it is a good conductor of electricity

How was the flash camera invented?

The first known camera flash was used in 1839 by L. Ibbetson.

Is there a camera flash on the Nokia 5230?

No, it doesn't. There is no flash for the camera in Nokia 5230.

Does gfive president have a flash camera?

Yes the gfive president has a flash camera. The camera flash on the gfive is rated in it's reviews as neither too strong nor too weak. The camera has a normal flash setting for indoors.