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I own a 1999 Grand Am and when the security starts acting up like that it is a sign that the ignition is going out. I had to replace my whole ignition. What it is is that the key is coded and linked to the ignition and when it starts acting up it means its going out. So, get a new ignition....

hey, i have owned my 1999 for 4 years or more. you know what the problem is ur gas cap. if ur gas cap is not put on right (even if it is 3-4 days later) the light comes on. the only thing to do is wait it out or u can really wreck your car. just make sure ur gas cap is on tight and doesn't allow air in it and u should notice that the light doesn't come on at all or as much.

Hey Laura==Something is wrong with it and it takes a dealer to trouble shoot these. GoodluckJoe

yea i have taken it into the dealership many times! every time they claim to have fixed it. but it just keeps on happening.

My wife's 2002 Grand Am GT did the same thing tonight for the first time. The tow truck driver disconnected the battery to reset the security feature but did not work. He towed it home and said to leave the key in the acc position for 10 minutes and try starting the car....I tried this and it worked...don't know if this is a sign of things to come but hopefully next time it happens I will know what to do.



When I called the dealership about the security problem, they also told me to put the key in the ACC position and wait for it to stop i just sit there with the car off til it stops blinking. It takes about 10minutes. But its really frustrating. My friend tried disconnecting my battery also but that did not work. The dealership also claims to have fixed it many times. And now its happening all over again and they want to "try" and fix it. its ridiculous!

I too have this same problem with my 2000 Grand Am. I thought I was the only one.Please if someone can help let us know!!

This has just happened to me. 2002 Gramd Am. I had it towed to the dealership and they informed me it was a computer chip that has failed. Charged me $400.

I work in a car audio and remote starter installation shop and see this many times. the reason the car will not start is because the pass lock system it has built into the car is designed to activate after a third attempt to start the car and it doesnt start. it then activates and for about ten minutes the car needs to be in the acc or ign (car dependant) position and wait for the light to stop blinking. I am unsure of the fix though.

I have actually experienced this many times on my 2000 Grand Am GT1. I have found out two things that may help solve this problem:

1) Get out of the car AS SOON AS the security system activates. I don't know why, but it always seems to cease faster when there isn't weight fluctuation in the car. Then proceed to close the door. (proceed to #2)

2) a) Hit LOCK once, then UNLOCK on your remote TWICE. b) If the security system does not cease, allow it to blare for about another minute. c) Proceed to hit LOCK once and UNLOCK 5-6 times. d) Wait approx. 30 seconds between repeating (c) as many times as needed for the system to stop blaring.

This has seemed to work with me about 3 times.

remove steering colum cover.. U should see a pair of wires going in the ignition switch...(where the key goes... yellow i think) turn car on using tips above and then disconnect... anit-theft light will go on and stay on... car will no longer stall or not start...

  • I have a 2001 grand am and my car has failed to start twice now. I kept the key in the acc position and after 10 minutes or so, it started. Also, when the car is stopped at a stop light, it seems to chug every once and a while. About every 10 seconds, it seems to want to die, but never does. I have cleaned the fuel injector, replaced the fuel filter, but it still is not enough. I want to do something, but I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
  • Your car might be leaking coolant through the engine some where (into one of the cylinders). I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. I think it cost me around 400-600 to fix :(

Mainly because the GM engineers did a really poor job of "great idea but poor real world follow-through". Both of my daughters have the Passlock problems in Gran Am's and we've solved them so far through information I got from the following URLS:

For instance, on the site, you can specify the make/model of the car and it will show you pictures of the wiring harness and how to get to 2002 Pontic GranAM

We ended up dis-abling the system via cutting the wire while running and have now been about six months on both cars with no "theft" dis-abling and sitting waiting for the system to re-start.

For what it is worth.....check out the above sites....

"Free to start everytime in Oklahoma once again...."


ok I'm a mechanic, and own a 00 grand am, when the security light comes on and stays on it means there is a problem with your anti-theft system. what that means is either the chip inside the key is faulty, the sensor inside the dash, or wheel where ever your key goes, or your BCM, body control module, is faulty. Most of witch are going to come and go. BE Warned, when it finally goes out your car will not start until the bad part is fixed because everyone doesn't run around with a GM code scanner and cant turn this feature off if it goes out. A temp fix is when you go to start your car and it cranks but wont start, 1 turn the car off, and try and restart with the key turned the opposite way( i know the key is same on both sides but at this point it will make a difference). if it doesn't start 2. leave the key in the on position for 10 min, this is telling the computer your not here to steal it, and resets the anti-theft, BCM, and dash. 3. after 10 min the blinking security light will go constant, than finally go out when it is finished. If the key is moved during this you will have to turn the car off and restart the 10 min reset. Now when you start your car you hope the light will be off this is good and means more than likely it's the key witch needs to be replaced, a cheep and quick fix. If the light stays on it could be 1 of many issues 99-03 were dark years for GM anti-theft, but I made my money from them lol I or at least gets you going till you can afford to get it fixed, from here on out while your doing this just leave 10 min earlier just in case I'm sure your boss will eventually get tired of hearing you have car trouble, and limit your stops because this happens randomly.

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Why does the security feature of a 1999 Grand Am GT come on randomly and the car not start?
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The most common cause for your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee to randomly shut off is a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump will get worse and eventually the vehicle will not start at all.

2003 Pontiac grand am turns over and wont start?

security lock out had same problem with our 2004 grand am

Why does the security feature of a 1999 Pontiac grand am come on randomly and the car doesn't start?

Turn the car to run (without starting it) and let it sit for about 5 minutes. The system might reboot and settle down. If that doesn't work, try dropping the ground cable off your battery for about 5-min, then re-hooking it. If neither of these work, you have a sensor that needs to be replaced.

2001 grand am gt turns over but wont start?

Sometimes my sons 2001 Grand Am does that. It has to do with the Security System. Turn the key to ACC the Security light will start blinking and will continue to do so for 10 minutes. At that time the Security Light will stay on. At that point you can start you car. This works for him Good Luck.

Mercury grand marquis will not start?

A bad starter can cause a Mercury Grand Marquis to not start. A bad alternator or a problem with the security system can be the cause for the car not starting.

Why doe my 99 dodge grand caravan engine start and die after 3 seconds and won't start again?

Are you using the same key as before, when it worked? I have a copied key for my 2002 that is not factory. It's fine for the locks, but the engine will not keep running if I start with this key. It's a security feature.

MyPontiac grand am starting wont start. Any ideas?

try resetting security system

What does it mean when the Security light on in 1995 Pontiac Bonneville comes on and car won't start?

Your key is going out. It has a safety feature in it.

Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee have a security key to start it?

Depends on the year and how it was built. Most later models do have chipped keys.

How do you turn off security light after replacing battery on 1990 Maxima which now won't start?

Removing the battery has immobilized the car and this security feature can be turned off with your key fob alarm controller.

What does the security light on a 1994 Grand Prix mean?

The car is equiped with a security feature that will automaticall shut down the engine when activated. Your ignition key has a resitor chip on it, and when you insert the key into the ignition the computer measures the resistance to make sure it is the right key. If someone tries to start the car with a key that does not have the right resistance it will not start. If your key gets wet or if moisture builds uo inside the ignintion switch, it will slightly alter the resistance and the computer may not let the car start. If the resistance is close, the car will still run but the security light will remain on.

Why wont your 2001 Pontiac grand am 3.4 start cranks but no start have 55 pounds of fuel pressure?

check to see if your security light is on i had the same problem (they all do ) put your key in the "on " postition and leave it for 10 minutes until the security light flashes off and then start your engine.

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