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If it is not a separated tire, which I feel it's not, because it happens to my '01 Avalon, as well as many other models/years. Immediately after tire replacement, then of course an alignment should then be done. Additionally, I recently received, Oct 2010, a recall notice regarding the replacement of the Steering Column Upper Bracket. Please check to see if your model is included in the recall, as it is very important to have the repairs made, to avoid a possible crash.

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Q: Why does the steering wheel on 2001 Toyota Avalon wobble at low speeds and also can feel vibration in the car at high speeds?
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Why does the steering wheel on 2004 Toyota Camary wobble at low speeds and also can feel vibration in the car at high speeds?

Could be out of balance Tire may be worn and need replacement Could be a bent wheel

Why is there a vibration in the steering wheel when I brake at high speeds?

Either your drums or rotors are out of round.

Your 2002 Toyota Avalon pulls to the right also the front end vibrates at slow speed the steering wheel also rotates back and forth at slow speeds is your power steering unit defective?

Sounds like you have a bad tire with belt damage.

What can cause vibration in steering and car when turn steering wheel at stop or slow speeds mainly to the left?

Warped rotor,Tie rods, Wheel bearings (hub).

What would cause an engine vibration on a 1995 Toyota corolla The vibration happens at all speeds and at idle The vibration stops if the front of the car in lifted slightly by hand?

it cant do that because no one can stop a vibration only the earth could

What is wrong when 1997 pathfinder has the shakes when you drive it?

Need some more details. Vibration all the time? Only certain speeds, only when you accelerate, vibration in the steering wheel, in the whole vehicle?

How do you stop the engine vibration in a 94 magna sedan?

This depends on a few things: If your vibration is happening at high speeds, get your wheel balance/roundness checked if this is happening at all speeds, check your alignment/steering if this is happening when slowing down, chances are that you need new brakes

Can a loose steering gear box cause a vibration after jerking steering wheel?

1996 c60 truck if you turn steering quickly at low speeds vehicle shacks acts like drive train until you stop

What attention does our '90 Lumina APV need when there is considerable play in the steering wheel at slow speeds and excessive vibration at high speeds?

Your issues could be caused by numerous things associated with the front steering on your vehicle. It is best to have it inspected by a mechanic. A tire shop would be the cheapest and would be able to fix any problems.

What causes knock vibration on the car floor at highways speeds?

Usually it's a wheel balance issue, but it can also be worn steering components, a bent wheel, a faulty tire or a bad CV joint.

What can cause the steering wheel to free play on low speeds?

A worn out power steering pump, or steering box.

What can cause a engine vibration on a 3.8 2000 mustang standard trans?

It is according to when you feel the vibration. If you have a vibration at higher speeds, your driveshaft could be out of balance. At lower speeds, you may actually have a cracked engine mount. Take it to a shop before it tears something up.

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