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Either the thermostat is bad or your electric fans are running all the time.


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Be sure to check the coolant level before you start buying parts.

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Q: Why does the thermostat fluctuate between hot slowly drop to the cold setting then slowly rise back up while driving in stop and go traffic?
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What is the difference between on and auto on a home thermostat?

On will turn the fan or blower on continuously and auto setting will kick off and on according to the temperature setting on the thermostat.

Home heating thermostat setting?


Can you turn down the thermostat in an outback 2001?

If you are asking about the engine thermostat, they are not adjustable. You buy them by the temperature setting.

Does fridge and freezer share thermostat?

Each has a different temperature setting, so each needs its own thermostat.

Why does your electric fireplace turns off after one minute?

Typically that will be an issue with the thermostat. Check the setting, and if it is where it should be, then thermostat will likely require replacement.

What production is regulated by chemicals that reset the bodys thermostat to a higher setting?


Is it more economical to set the thermostat to a constant temperature or adjust in morning and at night?

Depending on your temperature setting, usually the best is about 70 degrees, it's best to set the thermostat, and leave it at a constant setting. Resetting your thermostat to higher temperatures requires the furnace work harder, and will usually increase your utility bill.

How many hours a day does a furnace run?

It depends on the ambient temperature and the setting of the thermostat.

Is fever production regulated by chemicals that reset the body's thermostat to a higher a setting?


Does the compressor come on if you have the fan only running on your home ac unit?

Yes your compressor comes when you set your thermostat to "Fan" setting and you have it on cool setting.

What is the recommended home thermostat setting?

The temperature at which you are comfortable. If your question involves money-saving, then contact your local power company to determine the best setting.

What is the temp setting for a stock thermostat in a 2001 6.0 L?

Probably 192-195 degrees

What setting is EM.HT. on a Wesco Honeywell thermostat?

Em ht stands for emergecy heat.

What is the original temperature thermostat setting for a 1995 Chevy S10 with 2.2l?

195 degrees F

What is is the driving direction from Texas to Arizona?

Head for the setting sun.

What is the relationship between the setting and the plot in The Crucible?

What is the relationship between the setting and the plot in The Crucible?

How do you adjust the temperature of water in hot water heater?

The thermostat setting on the water heater controls the temp.

In the winter what should your thermostat be set at to save money?

The lowest setting you can tolerate and still remain comfortable.

What is the cut off temp of a thermostat relative to temp setting?

There is usually a differential of about 2 to 3 degrees.

Why does your air conditioner turn on but not cool?

thermostat setting /very low gas pressure or compressor not working.

What is the difference between setting and scene?

Setting creates a scene.

Can a thermostat cause heater in house to blow cold air?

No, not if it's on a heat setting. Most home thermostats have a "Fan" setting that will blow cold air if the attic is cold.

What is the difference between outdoor setting and normal setting on ringtone of cellphone?

Outdoor setting is louder.

How should the thermostat be set for gas hot forced air furnace?

In the instruction manual for the furnace, it will either give you the heat anticipator setting or instruct you how to do it. If its digital, well then follow the thermostat instructions

Why would the compressor be on when the inside temperature is lower than the thermostat setting?

Your contactor in the outdoor unit is stuck closed.