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Why does the third brake light work but not the others?


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There could be a separate fuse for the lower brake lights , or maybe both

lower brake light bulbs are burned out


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depending on the vehicle - some have a separate fuse for the third brake light

Check the switch. It has a different one than the regular brake lights. the light bulb could possibly be blown

I have the same problem - but my third brake light slightly flashes when the car is of (Explorer 1998). I have replaced the "stop light" switch with no improvement at all.

Above the brake pedal. If your main brake lights dont work but your third center brake light does, then the brake light switch is not the problem. Its is the turn signal switch.

There are a couple of reasons a 1999 Chevy Silverado third brake light will not work. The first may be that the light bulb is burnt out. If replacing the bulb does not work, there may be loose wires to the connection causing it to not work.

Your hazard/turn/cruise module in the steering column has failed. The third light still works because the third brake light switch is mechanical tied to the pedal.

first check brake light fuse second check light bulbs,they should be double element third check the brake light switch located on the brake pedal

The 2001 Chevy Blazer brake lights may not work and the third bake stays on because the current light needs to be replaced. A replacement brake light can be purchased at an Auto Parts store like Pep Boys.

my 95 montey Carlo is doing the same thing, and it is the turn signal switch assembaly,

I believe that any light that is on your car has to work by law.

this tells you is a simple wiring problem.most likely a loose wire from the third light to the other lights.(third lights provides the power to the other lights)

Yes, but the car must be running for it to work.

something as simple as a burnt bulb or the wire to the light could of been stripped by rubbing against metal

You probably have a bad turn signal switch (inside the steering column) if this is a GM.

I hate to ask , but did you check the bulbs ? The tail light portion may work fine , but the brake lights don't if both of the bulbs are bad .

Check to see if the fuses are blown. Also it is possible that you have a broken wire leading to the third brake light. Lastly, it may be that your light has lost it's "ground" Any light must be grounded to the vehicle body to work. Make sure the light has a good ground.

There are two screws under the back dash that need to be removed to lift the assembly off the back dash. I had a problem with the same car. No brake lights at all. I disconnected the power to the third light and the main two brake lights started to work. There must be a short in the third brake light harness.

No. If it was factory installed and still visible on your car, then the bulbs inside must light up.

The brake lights and the tail lights are separate circuits. Check the brake light fuse, then check the brake light bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

Check the brake light switch on the brake pedal

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