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Inside the toilet tank there should be a small hose off of the fill valve that should be clipped to the inside of the fill tube to allow water to fill the bowl while it refills the tank after flushing.

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What causes the toilet bowl not fill all the way up after flushing?

That means that your toilet is clogged, or your toilet was clogged and you need to just flush once more.

When you flush your toilet it doesnt flush around all the way?

Holes under toilet bowl rim need cleaned out.

Is it ok if all the water in the toilet tank does not empty into the bowl after a flush?

Certainly, as long as, all the solids are removed during the flush.

How much water stays in the toilet bowl?

All of it if you don't flush or if it doesn't leak.

Why does your toilet bowl not have mounting holes for the tank?

not all toilet bowls and tanks are compatible. If your toilet bowl has no holes for a tank it most likely a bowl that is made for a flush valve, or a high or low boy mounted tank.

Installed new toilet bowl is very low water after about an hour didnt have this problem before?

All toilets have a different normal level. The first flush could have created a vacuum and pulled it lower. Try a second flush. Is the small fill tube in the tank running into the overflow tube? This runs into the bowl and will help fill it.

Why would my toilet bowl empty out?

A toilet that slowly looses all of the water out of the tank or bowl when it has not been used for a log time is experiencing a condition that renders the toilet almost unusable. When you flush a toilet, the water in both the tank and the bowl empty out, only to be immediately replenished with fresh water. alliedallcityinc.com

How do you flush a toilet with bowel?

Not sure what you are asking. All toilets have a bowl. You generally push the handle down on the front or side of the tank. If you are asking how to flush with a bowl of water, it takes a bucket of at least 2 gallon. Just pour it into the bowl about as fast as it will take it. At some point, there will be enough water in the bowl to flush it.

How is a toilet sanitary?

A toilet maintains its sanitary condition by means of a water seal- -the clean water at the bottom of the bowl keeps odors away and bacteria at an acceptable level. The water stays in the bowl because a toilet has a trap like all other fixtures. The trap is visible on some toilets and the link below shows the basic design of the toilet. When water is released into the bowl (when the flush handle is activated) the water and all material in the bowl "overflow" out of the trap and create a siphon. The siphon pulls all of the water out of the bowl and then is broken when it sucks air (that gurgling sound after you flush.) Current law mandates the following conditions.1- Toilet must be made of smooth impervious material.2- Toilet must have acid resistant finish.3- Toilet must flush with 1.6 Gallons per flush or less.4- Toilet must have a non mechanical seal5- Toilet must evacuate at least 95% of the water (objectionable material) every flushhttp://www.homerepairforum.com/images/uploads/2005-9-10_Toilet_Bowl_FLUSH_STEP_1_w550.JPG

What toilet tissue can you easily flush down the toilet?

All toilet tissue is supposed to flush easily in reasonable quantities, NOT in huge clumps

Why does Air come from the siphon when i flush the toilet?

Because the passageways in the toilet that carry the water from the tank to the bowl are, umm, 'full of air' (for lack of a better term). The water rushes from the tank into the bowl to flush, but all the air is in the way, so you see some come out of the siphon. That's as simple as I can make it.

Does every home in the UK have a flush toilet?

yes all the homes in the uk do have a flush toilet, what world do you live in buddy

When you flush the toilet it does not flush fully?

hi im on city water and toilet isn't plugged but it doesn't flush all the way like there is not enough pressure

Why does the toilet bowl fill all the way up when I flush it and then slowly drains leaving behind matter?

Plunge it ...it's stopped up. Make sure there's enough water to cover the bulb of the plunger, arrange the plunger bulb in the bottom of the toilet and give it one or two hard shoves....that should do it

What is wrong if the sink and the bathtub will drain but the toilet wont flush?

The toilet itself is plugged or the pipe from the toilet to the drain is plugged. It may be that the tub and sink have their own drain pipe that may connect to the main away from the toilet drain. Plunge the toilet or sometimes if you fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the toilet as fast as it will take it, that will flush out the line. It is a greater amount of water all at once an forces out what the clog is.

Why toilet won't flush complete?

Some toilets have full glazed trap which makes the trap real smooth and allows the siphon action to work best. Some toilet bowl outlets are poorly designed and when you look inside the outlet of the toilet bowl you can see where it can be from 2 7/8" and then narrows down to 2 1/2 " before exiting the bowl and I see the reason for that to allow the trap water to stay so it doesn't siphon all the water out, but it also makes it flush rougher or slower and sometimes not at all. Its a good idea to maybe buy a toilet snake (they aren't much) and try snaking out your bowl if you feel that it could be your problem. If your other fixtures like tub/shower, lav, kitchen sink drain fine then its mostly your toilet. I have unclogged a lot of (just the) toilet problems and they almost seem to be in the toilet trap. In rare cases the toilet drain pipe was back graded and was causing the toilet to flush real slow tho it would still flush but very slow and if a person would keep using it that way then it will eventually plug up.

If you flush cigarettes down the toilet constantly over a two year span can they plug up the toilet?

Yes they could, especially if they all don't get flushed away properly. Filter tips do not break down and may accumulate, eventually causing a blockage. All that should be flushed down a toilet bowl is toilet paper, faecal matter, and urine.

Why does toilet bowl fill lower than previous waterline?

If the toilet bowl fills lower than the previous waterline, the tank may not be working properly. Check that the float is moving freely and allowing the tank to refill all the way. Also make sure the filler tube is filling the toilet and is not directed elsewhere.

Why doesn't my toilet bowl fill all the way up with water?

Remove the tank lid and check the long metal rod with a plastic bulb at the end. This is the "float" and its purpose is to shut off the water valve when the water level reaches a certain point (to avoid overflowing). To adjust this, you simply bend the metal rod so that the bulb floats higher, thereby shutting off the water when the level is higher in the tank. When you bend the rod, hold it with both hands so you do not damage something on the flush valve at the other end.The reason why the toilet BOWL does not fill all the way is because it needs only a certain height of water to make the trap work so you don't have sewer gases coming back from the drain line and if you have to much water in your bowl then it wouldn't flush right and probably over flow. If the bowl is filled all the way then you need to either unclog or plunge it.

How do you unclog your toilet drain when you flush all the water comes out under the bottom of the toilet onto the floor?

pull the toilet. Make sure the trap is clear on the toilet, and then snake the toilet line.

How do sloan toilet flush valves work?

The link below will answer all questions.

How do you dispose of a dead goldfish?

You simply flush it down the toilet! That's all there is to it!

Are police allowed to flush your head in the toilet?

yes, but how does this have anything at all to do with Obama?

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