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I don't have an answer for you, but I have a '94 GS300 and the trac light was coming on. I just got the 75K mile service done and they said the error code pointed to TPS and GPS (I think?). They changed both sensors. The light still comes on as follows: If I turn the key to accessories (where radio turns on) and wait a few seconds and then start the car, the TRAC light will stay on. If I turn the key all the way from off to start (without pausing at accessory position), the TRAC light does not come on. I am taking my car back today to have them look at it again. Please let me know if you get any new info also. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2004-11-01 09:58:26
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Q: Why does the trac light come on when starting the engine on a Lexus GS 300?
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Will the check engine light come on in 1990 Ls Lexus if the catalytic converter is bad?

Yes, that is one of many things that can cause the light to come on.

Why don't the service engine soon light come on when starting the vehicle?

The check engine/service engine light should come on as soon as the ignition is turned to the on position without starting the engine. If it does not, then the bulb is either blown or has been removed.

How do you turn off the engine warning light on a 2003 Lexus ES300?

Depends on which engine warning light you are referring to. If you are referring to the Check Engine light then have the problem repaired that caused it to come on in the first place. They will reset the light. Resetting the light without repairing the problem and it will just come back on.

Why does the check engine light still come on even after you changed the O2 sensor and reset the check engine light on a 1996 Lexus ES300?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

What would cause the 1992 Lexus engine system light to come on?

Hey Calvin==Go to Auto Zone and have the codes read and it should tell you why. GoodluckJoe

Does the check engine light come on because your gas is halfway full?

No, the check engine light does not come on because your gas is half way full. The check engine light will come on if there is a problem with the engine.

Where is the check engine light located on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator vehicle failed inspection because it did not come on in the emissions test?

On the instrument cluster. Turn the ignition on without starting the engine. You will see the light come on. If you do not see the light, then the bulb is blown or has been removed.

What could be wrong with your 1997 Tacoma truck if the check engine light is has stopped working?

If you turn on the ignition without starting the engine and the Check Engine light does not come on, the bulb has burnt our or has been removed. Replace the bulb.

Will the check engine light come on if you take the seats out of a 2005 Hyundai elantra?

No the check engine light will not come on

Check engine light won't come on?

If an check engine light does not come on it is a good thing. When your check engine light comes on, it means you need service done on your vehicle.

Would light come on if problem with catalytic converter?

If it has a downstream O2 sensor the check engine light will come on but if it does not the light may not come out. In most instances it will set the check engine light.

How do you test if your check engine light works?

When you turn the ignition key to the run position , just before starting your Explorer , the check engine light should come on for a few seconds to prove that the bulb works

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