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This is a common issue with these vehicle sit is 99.9% a sure thing that one of your wheel speed sensors is bad. The problem with replacing this is that you mus replace the entire wheel hub assembly on the bad wheel because the sensor is part of the hub assembly.

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Where is the dash light fuse in a Pontiac Grand Am?

my 97 grand am se dash light want come on i change all of the fuse

Why would a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am Service Vehicle Soon light come?

I have had the light come on when I had a headlight out. me too. 9/15/05

Is there a gas arrow light in a 2002 Pontiac grand am?

yes a yellow light should come on when getting a few miles to empty

What would cause the battery light to come on in a 2002 Pontiac grand am?

Typically, a bad or "going bad" alternator.

How do you change the front signal light bulb on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

On some, you can get to the back of the light assy and take the bulbs out. If not, the assy has to come off

2000 Pontiac grand am service engine soon light?

There could be several reasons why a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am service engine light soon has come on. The engine may need a tune up, the timing belt may need changed, or even a bad fuel pump.

Will a vacuum line leak cause your computer in your 1997 Pontiac grand am to mess up?

It might cause the "check engine" light to come on.

What can cause a track light to come on?

it wants to

What makes the change oil light come on in 2000 Pontiac grand am?

When your mileage hits the factory preset mileage for oil cange the light comes on to tell you to change the oil.Do it is worth it in the long run.

How do you get check engine light off 2001 a Pontiac Grand Am?

Fix the problem that caused the light to come on. Have the ECU scanned with an OBD2 scan tool to retrieve the code. This code will help you determine what is wrong.

On a 1997 Pontiac Grand AM SE why would the red indicator light for low coolant level come on if the fluid level is good and the engine does not overheat?

bad sensor

1993 Pontiac grand am cooling fans don't come on?

Check the temperature sensor

How do you reset the computer in a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am?

Remove the battery cable for 5 minutes. It will come right back on, unless you repair the problem that tripped the light in the first place.

What is the difference between the 1986 Pontiac trans am and 1986 Pontiac Grand Theft Auto?

Nothing, the GTA didn't come out until 1987.

Would a temperature gage in a 1998 Pontiac grand prix cause a ses light to come on?

Yes it would. The service engine soon light on that vehicle acts much like a check engine light on other vehicles and will come on when the computer senses a fault, like a hot temperature.

How do you get the interior lights to come on once the door has been opened or unlocked in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am?

1999 - 2005 Models:Set dome light position to "Auto". It's that simple.

Why wont windshield fluid come of your 2001 Pontiac grand prix?

needs more fluid

How do you reset the service engine light soon on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix 3100?

To reset a Service Engine Soon light, a person can disconnect and reconnect the battery. They can also fix the problem and use a scanner to clear the codes causing the light to come on.

What does it mean when the trac off light come on and stays on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

There should be a trac off button on the stearing wheel, when it is pushed to the off position, it makes the light come on. If it is set on the stearing wheel only when there is a issue with your tires should it come on. (Like if you going over very bumpy grounds)

How do you change the third brake light bulb on a 1997 Pontiac grand am?

I know it will feel like you're going to break it, but firmly pull and it will come off. Replace the bulb, snap it back on.

Why does the check gage light come on in a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

I have an 01 Pontiac sunfire and I have noticed that the check gages light comes on when the gas is low. I have never seen any other indicator come on for low fuel.

Where is the icm sensor on a Pontiac Grand Am?

right behind the intake head, where the spark plug wires come out

Spark plug gap specs for 2007 Pontiac grand prix?

The spark plug gap for a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix is .060. Most plugs come pregapped for your vehicle but it is always a good idea to check them.

Where is the fuel pump on 1991 Pontiac Grand Am?

The fuel pump on a 1991 Pontiac Grand AM is located within the engine bay. Fuel pumps can come in both mechanical and electrical formats and is connected to the fuel lines on the vehicle.

Why does Ethanol gas make the check engine light come on in a Pontiac transport?

It is possible for the check engine light to come on in a Pontiac Transport when using ethanol gasoline because it burns hotter than other gasoline. The check engine light might also come on if the oxygen sensor is bad.

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