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A likely cause is the brake pedal switch. It is on the brake pedal shaft. The switch must close when you step on the brake to shift the transmission from Park to other gears. The switch itself can be bad and must be replaced or one or more wires to the switch may be broken. My 1997 Ford Thunderbird would not shift out of Park until I found a broken wire and reconnected it. The entire switch can be removed to remove small broken wires from the switch that cannot be reconnected. Longer wires can then be inserted into the switch in order to splice the switch wires to the car wires. The correct size Crimp connectors and a Crimping tool would be good for a wire splice. Wrap the splice with rubber tape, not vinyl plastic tape. DISCONNECT THE NEGATICE GROUND CABLE TO THE BATTERY BEFORE DOING THE WORK. RECONNECT AFTER THE SPLICE IS COMPLETE.

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Q: Why does the transmission shift not release with the brake in your 1997 Ford Thunderbird?
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Why does your gears shift quick on your 1990 Ford Thunderbird?

Close ratios in transmission.

Why does the shift release not work when you step on the brake pedal of a 1997 Thunderbird?


Why doesn't the gear shifter on a 2001 Honda Accord release out of park when I step on the brake pedal?

The transmission is equipped with a relay switch that senses when the brake is applied. If the sensor is bad the transmission will not shift out of park.

What does the autolock feature do in the 1998 ford explorer?

It locks all the doors when you shift the transmission into gear and release the brake pedal

How do you repair 2004 Nissan Maxima transmission shift lock problem?

I had a problem with the shift lock and the problem ended up being the brake solenoid. This is a brake switch that in forms the transmission that you have your foot on the brake. If you don't heat a click when you push on the brake, I would have that checked.

Why wont transmission on Geo Metro shift into drive?

Sometimes when used to driving manual transmissions, we forget to press the brake pedal to release the safety so we can shift the automatic into gear. It will not shift out of park unless you do this.

Why does my 1994 Ford Thunderbird auto transmission not shift by itself It will if you do manually?

It is most likely your pressure sensor selenoid. take it to your local transmission shop.

Why Jeep will not shift from park?

Might be a problem with the brake/transmission interlock switch

How do you unlock transmission shift lock on a 1999 suburban?

I had a problem shifting my suburban out of park. It ended up being the brake switch, it tells the transmission that you are pushing down the brake.

When putting your gear into drive why would your car not move?

Parking brake not released, bad torque converter, bad transmission shift solenoid or bad transmission in general, broken shift cable not engaging the transmission.

Your emergency brake is stuck on your 1962 Cadillac?

Use the lever on top of the assembly to release it or shift your transmission in gear. otherwise the problem lies elsewhere as, frozen breaks. !

Why does my dodge Dakota not shift into gear It will not come out of park And the brake lights arent working either. Could there be a connection?

There is what is called a brake sensor. This sensor has to engage to sent a signal to the transmission to release the pawl so that you can shift it. Replace the brake pedal sensor. It is usually on the top of the pedal arm upward under the dash. This will also cause the brake lights not to work. Good luck.

Ford Focus won't shift out of park?

Check brake lights--if they do not work shift interlock will not release

How do you shift the gears in automatic transmission car with no battery?

disconnect the trans cable at trans connection with someone on brake or apply the parking brake

Why won't a Geo Tracker Automatic transmission shift from park with the linkage from the transmission?

Answeryou must step on the brake pedaland if that fails.there is an emerg. release on the left side of shift console.lift lid. slide bar, shift.

Why is my gear shifter locked .my car is started but will not shift into gear?

the brake interlock press on the brake to release it

Why doesn't your 1996 Subaru Legacy automatic-transmission shift out of Park and have already tried depressing brake pedal and releasing the shift lock under shift plate?

Try your brake lights. There is a sensor under the brake pedal that will go off if you don't have any. This should be an easy fix.

Why would your brake lights and right turn signal not work and you have to turn the key half way to start the car in neutral so you will be able to change gears to drive on a 1992 Grand Marquis?

Check fuses, If brake lights do not work, transmission will not shift out of park. Brake light circuit is common to shift interlock. That's why you must step on brake to release interlock prior to shifting out of "Park" If stop lights are not working interlock will not release.

How do you get a 2002 beetle stuck out of park?

If pressing the brake pedal does not allow a 2002 VW Beetle to shift there a problem with the brake switch. The switch acts as a safety when shifting a vehicle and if it malfunctions the transmission will not be able to shift out of park.

Why can't you shift my 1993 Buick Regal out of park?

As a safety design, you do need to step on the brake pedal to shift out of park. If you are doing this and still can't shift, there may be something wrong in the transmission.

Why cant you get your 1991 probe out of park?

The shift mechanism is only allowed to move from park if and when the brake pedal is pressed. Possible causes are, faulty brake pedal switch, shift interlock solenoid, wiring, or broken shift button. Possible shift linkage or transmission problem. Find the procedure for "bypassing or overriding the shift interlock" for further diagnosis.

Why won't my 96 Toyota Avalon release the Automatic shift lock?

brake light switch above the brake pedal

Oldsmobile Bravada shift lever will not release from park Is there an electronic mechanism on the brake pedal that releases the shift?

Yes there is. It is called a brake pedal interlock and the part number is 2609-4827

Can a remote starter be installed in a standard shift car?

yes as long as you leave your transmission out of gear and your parking brake on

Why does the automatic transmission not come out of park on a 1995 Lincoln Continental brake pedal is pushed but the shift lever will not release from park position?

If the vehicle is parked on a hill and the weight of the vehicle is being held by the parking gear you may find that it will be difficult to shift out of park. I suggest using the parking BRAKE to hold the weight of the vehicle while parked. Set the parking brake BEFORE you put it into park, or at least before you remove your foot from the brake pedal. That way you are having the parking brake hold the weight and the transmission becomes the backup for holding the vehicle. It should be a lot easier to get it out of park then.