Why does uranium explode?

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Uranium explode when the critical mass of enriched uranium is reached and the uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction begin.

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Q: Why does uranium explode?
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Related questions

How does uranium explode?

Uranium explode when a critical mass exist.

How much uranium will there be in the future?

Less and less as the Uranium decays into lead and other elements.... More and more as super-novae explode and fuse elements into Uranium...

Why does uranium metal not explode in a nuclear reaction?

Uranium metal (enriched in uranium-235 up to 99 %) is a nuclear explosive, if the critical mass is reached. Also criticality accidents are possible in uranium plants or uranium storage areas.

Does uranium explode?

If you use Nuclear Fission then yes it does explode. (Nuclear Fission is the splitting of two atom cells.)This is one way USA gets energy.

Why can't uranium ore explode in the ground?

No critical mass underground; but as a curiosity read about the Oklo phenomenon.

What does the atomic bomb consist of?

The original ones were a ball of uranium with explosives all around it to press it into a critical mass so it would explode.

What happen when you combin uranium with other elements?

I don't know why you would ask but it will explode and you will die no matter hoe far away you are from the explosion.

How did coal and uranium form?

Coal is produced by sunlight falling on plants. These plants then get fossilised to form the coal.Uranium is formed by Stars as they explode in Supernova explosions.

What sound does uranium make when you hit it?

I'm guessing it would make a " squish" sound because it's a soft metal and can be cut by a knife. Or it would make a slight " bing". Lastly, it might explode 'cuz it's radioactive. ------------------------------------------------- Excuse me, but I worked more than 39 years with uranium: - the sound is metallic - uranium is not a soft metal and it is impossible to cut uranium with a knife; it is difficult to cut an uranium piece also with a laser !

Is Uranium-238 enriched uranium?

Enriched uranium: uranium with more than 0.7 % uranium 235. Uranium 238 is not enriched uranium.

What Are Some Compounds That Have Uranium In Them?

Uranium dioxide, triuranium octaoxide, uranium triiodide, uranium tetraiodide, uranium tetrachloride, uranium tetrafluoride, uranium hexafluoride, ammonium diuranate, uranium sulphide, uranium nitride, uranium carbides, uranium silicides and hundred others.

What makes uranium explode?

sudden super-criticality causing a prompt-critical chain reaction. total time for reaction is a couple microseconds and a high yield explosion results.

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