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it might not have any hydrolic fluid in the clutch master cylinder to engage the cluth or your clutch might me shot and just won't engage at all meaning you need a new one (was there a smell in the car right before you couldn't use clutch? that might of been the clutch burning up). don't quote me on all that I'm just telling you what you can check.

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Q: Why does your 1993 Maxima clutch feel soft and does not engage?
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Vehicle jerks when clutch is engaged on takeoff?

Let the clutch out until you feel it engage, then let it out the rest of the way. It won't jump. Practice makes perfect

What is the purpose of the clutch dampener for clutch slave for the 1993 Nissan 240sx?

It gives the clutch pedal a softer, smooth feeling. Some people remove these for a more direct pedal feel

How do you tell if a clutch is going on a Daewoo matiz?

Clutch wear can be told by noticing no wheel spin when the engine revs are higher than they should be for the speed you are going. Make sure your foot is off the clutch. Thrust bearing wear on the shaft make a sound when you engage or disengage the clutch. You may also feel the oddness in the pedal when the noise occurs.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1996 Ford Aspire?

Look on the end of the clutch cable, if you can't find it have someone push the clutch, theres a nut, 12 mm I think but mine turned by hand easy enough, unscrew to make the clutch engage closer to the floor. The exact spec has you measure the free play at the top of the pedal, I don't that info handy, you can do it by feel, trial and error.

Does your clutch need replacing?

yes it does!.like all parts of a car, it depends on your driving style as well as manufacturer recomendation...for example if you tend to dump your clutch often then you clutch will need to be replaced can tell when to replace your clutch by the feel of it when driving, if it tends to slip often or it is hard to engage a gear without depressing your clutch pedal several times, its high time to replace your clutch...when driving dont make it a habit to 'ride the clutch' ie:using your clutch when going down hill to disengage your gear without leaving the gear in neutral..

What do you do if a 1994 Hyundai Accent was not used for two months and now the clutch won't engage?

If your car has not been used lately the first thing you would want to do is look at your fluid levels. Most cars have a hydraulic clutch. The reservoir for this is usually next to the brake fluid reservoir. If your fluid is empty then your clutch will feel extremely loose and not work, you need to fill the reservoir and bleed the clutch. I hope this will help.

I own a 1993 Nissan 300zx. The clutch is somewhat resistant and making a squeaking noise when pressed. What is causing this problem?

Linkage to the probobly hydraulic clutch parts need lubricating. broken parts may be the culprit. is it the pedal or the clutch in the engine bay makingthe noise. does it feel like its scraping on things/

How do you adjust the clutch on ford aerostar 1993?

All the information I can find says the same thing. There is no adjustment for clutch cable or linkage due to the system is hydraulically driven. If you are experiencing clutch pedal squeaks, or uneven feel when you push the pedal in, try spraying the pedal bushing with a penetrating oil and work the pedal up and down.

What is wrong with a 700R4 transmission goes into reverse but does not move all forward gears work fine?

if you feel or hear it engage when put in reverse but will not move or even roll down the drive way. But rolls fine in neutral. a clutch pack is engaged that should not be.

Your 600 series ford tractor clutch does not engage?

check the back axle oil level first as if it is low the dual power can slip then check the free play on the clutch pedal you should have between 1cm an 2cm of free play in the pedal before you feel pressure on the pedal if there is no free play then adjust the linkage under the cab until you have the desired amount if this is not the problem your clutch is probably gone you will have to split the tractor and examine the clutch and pressure plate and repair as necessary if the clutch is good then you could have a dual power problem so the dual-power unit will have to be checked and repaired

Which belt is squealing when I start my 1999 Nissan Maxima?

Feel tension of all. The loose one is the culprit.

Why does your clutch feel so soft?

Because it's made of velvet

When a clutch is on its way out does it smell like it is burning?

yes it does smell like its burning but another way to know is if your clutch does not feel like there is as much pressure when you push down on the petal yes it does smell like its burning but another way to know is if your clutch does not feel like there is as much pressure when you push down on the petal

How do you tell if the clutch is slipping on a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

You can feel it. You can feel the gears disengage. You can't mistake that feeling for anything else.

Why would the newly replaced clutch on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo not depress without a ton of force and actually feel like it is pushing back at a certain point?

Something is installed incorrectly. Most likely you did not install the "Pull clutch" properly. With a 1997 Rodeo clutch, the release bearing actually snaps into the ring in the clutch, and when the clutch is depressed the release bearing pulls the clutch, rather than the standard "Push clutch" model. So, when you are depressing the pedal, the clutch is not being pulled away, giving you the hard pedal feel. Make sure when installing your release bearing that you remove the small ring from the back of the connector ring on the clutch before you insert the release bearing, and then snap it back on after the release bearing is completely installed or the clutch will not work properly.

When do you know when you need a new clutch?

when you find that when you acelerate you hear the engine noise but cant feel the increase in speed means that clutch plate is worn and is slipping.

How do you release clutch when changing to higher gears slowly or quickly?

Slowly and if you are good you can change gears without using the clutch. Takes a little practice and a good ear or feel for when the engie is running at the speed to change without the clutch.

When you push the clutch in on your 99 ford mustang you can feel a grinding and there is a loud screeching sound?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I believe that would be a throwout / release bearing problem on your clutch

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How do you adjust clutch cable on golf 97?

The 97 usually has a clutch cable that is self-adjusting. This cable usually gets replaced when a new clutch is installed, as it is difficult to un-adjust it once it adjusts for clutch wear. Some enthusiasts fit their car with the old-style manual adjusting clutch cable, in a belief that is helps clutch feel and prolongs clutch life. The clutch cable itself is between the motor and the battery, a big black thing that hooks into the transmission's front clutch release lever. IF you have a friend push the clutch in and out, you can easily see it operate if you're looking under the hood.

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