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The 1994 Jeep Wrangler that will not start and is having the auto shutdown relay clicking, is having a problem with the auto shutdown relay switch. The switch needs to be replaced because this is what is stopping the vehicle from starting.

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Q: Why does your 1994 Jeep Wrangler not start and auto shutdown relay clicks?
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Why doesn't my car start and clicks when i try to start it?

Your battery might be dead. Or you may have a faulty starter relay switch

What causes my 1994 jeep wrangler not to start and the auto shutdown relay to click?

I am having the same situation... I recently took the cover off of my relay and held the switch closed and my jeep started.. I have not figured out what is causing it yet. I would love to know if anyone finds out. Thanks

Starter relay clicks and truck is hard to start on diesel engine?

Could be bad glow plugs.

What is fuse 5 for on a 4-cylinder 97 jeep wrangler?

Fuse #5 under the hood is the Auto Shutdown Relay fuse and powertrain control module fuse. If its blown your jeep will not start it will just turn over until the battery dies.

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee will turn over but not start?

check your crankshaft sensor or the auto shutdown relay

Where is the starter relay on a 98 Jeep Wrangler because the starter has been replaced 3 times and still won't start occasionally?

i had similar problem with 99 wrangler and if its the relay its located in the fuse box.

Car clicks when trying to start but wont start?

Check the battery cables. If there is no corrosion and you have good connections, then the starter solenoid/relay may be at fault.

What is wrong with your car if you replace the starter and catalytic converter and your car wont start just clicks when key is turned?

solenoid or relay switch

Truck clicks once but wont start?

Look for a loose or corroded battery cable connection or a faulty starter solenoid/relay switch.

Car does not start but it clicks once?

A single click and no crank usually indicates a loose battery cable or a faulty starter relay/solenoid.

Your 97 1500 Ram 5.2L 4x4 sport sometimes clicks when you go to start it Sometimes it turns right over without issue but sometimes it clicks and it will take several attempts to start. Bad starter?

Sounds like the starter relay is going out.

Who says start shutdown shutdown?

big boy, mp and Hayden

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