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Why does your 2000 neon stall when you slow down after driving 70 mph for 30 minutes?


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it may have over heated if u heard any odd sounds while driving a belt could have snaped check all your ext belts atl and serpentine if it is not those it could be a timing belt


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A bad crank sensor will definitely cause the car to stall. Eventually the car will stop starting up again, or if it does, it will die down around ten minutes. A good thing to do if you're sure it's the crank sensor, replace it.

About 15 minutes driving down the highway

There are several things that can cause your 1988 Cutlass supreme to stall out while driving down the road. The most common cause is a malfunctioning fuel pump.

I had the same problem. It would stall out after coasting down a hill. Cleaned the throttle body about six months ago. Has not stalled since then.

Does your car have overdrive? Does it stall when going uphill? If you answered yes to these it is possible that your transmission kick down isn't working.The kickdown basically detects when the car becomes under load and shifts the transmission down a gear.

need more info. does it shut down while driving? shut down on decelleration? acceleration? does it sputter or is it like the key was shut off? is there a loss of power before it happens? does it restart right away or do you have to wait , and if so, how long? is the yellow "check engine" light on: Does it stall every ten minutes until it's fully warmed up?

If it stalls at idle or when slowing down, it could be a fuel filter. Or it could be the ignition control module.

Any number of things. Take the car and have it checked by a Tune-up shop.

If by shut off you mean stall, your ETM needs either cleaning or replacing

the ecm is behind the glove box. take it down and replace the prom. the prom is behind a plate held on by two screws.I have fixed two cars like yours by changing the prom.

Stall means 2 things. I will tell u the apropreat 1. The door on a sit down toilet.

You are most likely low on coolant. Bleed the cooling system after you add coolant to get any air out......

I believe it has something to do with the "lockdown" where the transmission does not shift down causing the engine to stall....On the driver's side of the engine toward the front bottom there is a BLUE connection that if you disconnect the override should not occur.........have an 85 cutlass ciera have been driving it that way over a decade and solved the same problem for me..........try it......Cutlass~Cutee

If your Dakota shuts down after 5 or 10 seconds then change the map sensor. If it shuts down after 3 or 4 minutes of driving and won't restart look for a bad harmonic balancer. Experienced both!

18 miles down I-20 EAST. About 15-30 minutes.

There are many things that can cause a car to stall while driving it. If the plug wires, plugs or coils are bad and are causing the engine to misfire, the engine will run rough. This may also cause the car to stall when driving. Generally, it will start back up, but it may be difficult to keep the car running. If your car stalls while you are driving it, look for an obvious reason first. Check to make sure you have fuel in the tank. Do not sit there and crank the car over, trying to get it to start, as you will quickly wear down the battery if it's not already bad.

I have a 2000 Mercedes ML320 that did the same thing.The problem was the crank positioning sensor once replaced it stopped shutting down

Problem with Crank sensor will cause 2001 Grand Prix not start when warm until it cool down? will this problem also cause vehicle to stall while driving?

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