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You have a bad temperature sensor probably over the thermostat. It needs to be replaced. The computer thinks your car has overheated when it has not. The temperature sensor that goes to your computer is different from the one that goes to the gage on your dashboard.

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As water is cooled its density does what until it reaches about 4 C?

As water is cooled its density increases until it reaches about 4 C and then it decreases.

As water is cooled its density increases until it reaches about?


As water is cooled its density increases until it reaches about C?


As water is cooled its density increases until it reaches about what?

Type your answer here... increases

When water is cooled does it contract or expand?

When liquid water is cooled, it contracts like one would expect until a temperature of approximately 4 degrees Celsius is reached. After that, it expands slightly until it reaches the freezing point, and then when it freezes it expands by approximately 9%

How many quarter of oil required for air cooled 71 vw engine?

2 1/2 quarts of 30 weight engine oil

What is hot tank and cold tank in lubricating system?

A hot tank oil system is one, in which returning oil in not cooled when it comes back to the tank . In a cold tank it is cooled before it reaches the tank.The only difference is the location of the oil cooler whether its downstream or upstream.

Is a quarter stick of butter the same as a quarter cup of vegetable oil?

No. A stick of butter is one half cup, so half a stick is equal in measurement to a quarter cup of vegetable oil. If used as a substitute for vegetable oil, the butter should be melted and cooled before added to the other ingredients.

What happens to gas as it i cooled below 0 degrees C?

It continues to cool until it reaches it's boilng point. At which it will condense then cool further until it reaches it's melting point. It will then continue to cool until it's entropy is minized at absolute zero.

The types of cooling used in induction motors?

Air cooled water cooled oil cooled Totally enclosed fan cooled Refrigerant cooled

What are the consequences of premature recrystallization?

premature recrystallization will cause the %recovery of the the said sample to be significantly low since some of its substituents has already cooled down before it reaches the filtrate that is to be analyzed

How much transmission fluid should i put in?

That's entirely dependent on what transmission you have and whether or not you already have fluid in it. Once it's cooled down, fill it until it reaches the crosshatching on the dipstick.

Is a Honda goldwing 1100 oil cooled or water cooled?

Water cooled.

Why does an ideal gas cannot be cooled?

it annot be cooled because it cannot be cooled

Is Air cooled vs water cooled pocket bikes?

water cooled is better

Was the 1977 rm 125 water-cooled?

no all 77 and 78 are air cooled

Is the 2008 Honda cbr 600 air cooled or water cooled?

Liquid cooled. The last "sport" bike to be air cooled was the WAY out of date Katana

Is melted rock that reaches Earth's surface and forms extrusive igneous rock when it cools?

Yes, once-molten rock that cooled on the surface had been extruded from the earth. That is why it is classified as extrusive igneous rock.

Is a 1995 vlx Honda shadow air cooled or water cooled?

Its both air and water cooled.

What type of heat pump coils are used outdoors?

Air cooled, water cooled and ground cooled

What solid contracts when cooled?

Metals contract when cooled.

Can milk be heated cooled and reheated then cooled?


What happens when paper is cooled?

What happened when paper cooled

What is the present perfect tense of cool?

I/We/You/They have cooledHe/She/It has cooled

What happens to solids liquids and gases when they are cooled?

when solids are cooled they stay as a solidwhen liquids are cooled they turn into a solidwhen gases are cooled they condense into liquidshope this helps ;)