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it makes that clicking noise because you touch yourself at night

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Q: Why does your Ford Explorer make a clicking noise?
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What will make a 1994 Ford Explorer 4.0 V-6 not start when the key is turned it just makes a clicking noise?

A weak battery would do that

Why does a 2003 ford explorer make a clicking noise when dial temp gauge is on hot and not cold?

I have same issue except I am on cold and get clicking when attempting to go to heat. also rear areas have heating or cooling

What noise does a beetle make?

Beetles make a clicking noise!! (: (: (: (:

Ford truck wont start due to low spark?

Ford F-150 will not start all it does is make a clicking noise

Why does the alternator make a clicking sound from the front of a 2000 Ford Explorer?

The bearings might be bad in the alternator.

What is a noise mice make?

Is kinda like a squwicky wimpery clicking noise

Why does your 2000 chev blazer make a clicking noise as if you were turning?

When the battery does not have enough voltage to turn the starter over it will sometimes make a clicking noise.

Why do your brakes make a clicking noise when you slow down?

The brakes may make a clicking noise if the caliper is going bad. I just changed the brakes and the rotors and discovered my car was making a clicking noise. The garage I took it to replaced the caliper, so now it doesn't make the noise anymore.

Why would the AC compressor on a 2001 ford explorer sports track make a grinding noise?

The clutch assemble is shot...

Do orcas make a noise?

Orca whales make a odd sort of clicking noise underwater... >:O

Why is your BCM making a clicking noise?

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

Why would you hear a humming noise in a 1996 ford explorer XL?

is the humming coming from the front end of the vehicle? i have a 1996 explorer with the same issue. yes the noise come from the front but not all the time seems to make the humming noise when it gets hot

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