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Why does your RPM increase when your car is in Park?


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2011-01-21 20:06:00
2011-01-21 20:06:00
AnswerThe RPM is related to the load on the motor. When you have the Transmission engaged it puts a load on the motor. When it is in park, it does not put a load on the motor. That allows the RPM to increase. AnswerThe computers in some cars are programmed to increase the engine speed when certain accessories are turned on, i.e. when the air conditioner clutch engages. This ensures that the engine does not stall with the added load, and that the engine maintains a high enough speed to keep the alternator generating adequate current to maintain system voltage.

If the increase in RPM is happening just as you put the transmission into Park, it is because the transmission is no longer putting a load on the engine.

Turning off high current accessories can also cause the engine speed to increase slightly.


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It is normal for the RPM to increase a little when put in park or neutral. If the RPM increases by a lot, then you need to adjust your idle speed.

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Put the engine into high RPM in neutral or park.

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your car must have turbo system in it.turbo starts working at a selected RPM.

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no, usually increase the rpm of your car, this will kick in the generator - this will supply amperage to start other car

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Should be about 8 or 900 RPM.

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