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start by checking for a vacuum problem. check to see if blend door is working properly.

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Q: Why does your ac blow hot air on fan selection 3 and 4?
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Are laptops meant to blow out hot air or cold air on your fan?

Hot air because it is blow out the hot air from the inside of the laptop.

What is a fan used for?

its used to blow air on your face when you get hot like in the summer

Chevy Malibu wont blow hot air?

check heater fan to see if it is working.

Why would your car air conditioner blow cold air then hot air?

A.C. circulates air(just like a fan) and turns it cool.

What causes your 1999 Chrysler van to overheat and air to blow hot air?

Check coolant level, and radiator fan operation.

What might be my problem with a 1993 Buick Century that does not blow hot air when the fan is on high but seems to be warm when the fan is on low?

Are you low on antifreeze ?

Which direction should ceiling fan push air in winter?

Your fan should blow up in the winter. The idea is to move the heat up to the ceiling and down the walls to give the room even heat. Hot air rises so your ceiling fan needs to blow the air from the ceiling to the floor.

Why does a 1993 Lincoln town car air conditioner cool perfectly for a while and then momentarily blow hot air?

check cooling fan

When a room is hot is it better to have the ceiling fan turn clockwise or counter clockwise?

When a room is hot it is better to have the ceiling fan turned counter clockwise. This forces the air to blow down. In the winter the fan should turn clockwise to keep the warm air higher.

Which direction does the airflow fan blow in a Mitsubishi projection TV is it towards the lamp to cool it or away from the lamp to remove hot air?

Away from the lamp to remove hot air. This way you are not blowing unfiltered air and dust on lamp.

How do you make a 2000 ford ranger blow hot air?

most likely it is the duct the factory default is the defrost mode however the fan can come off the fan motor

Why does Lincoln LS blow hot air on passenger side?

Why does my Lincoln LS V8 Blow cold air on one side and hot air on the other side

Why does your car blow hot air all the time?

it is drawing the hot air off the engine.

Why does the heater on my Chevrolet 2500 hd duramax not blow hot air.?

The engine needs to be hot in order for you to get got air. On a cold morning, even if you let your truck run for a while, will not get hot enough to blow hot air usually until you drive it for a little bit. When it gets at or near operating temperature there is no reason that it shouldn't blow hot air.

Why does the air conditioner blow hot air?

It's out of freon or refrigerant.

Why doesn't my car blow hot air?

Maybeyour water pipes are clogged, you need to flushthere is no power getting to your fan, check your fuses and wiring.

Why does your 2002 Chevy venture blow hot air from rear vents when ac is on?

i own a 2001 Chevy venture warner bro. edition. and the rear air blows hot while the air is on up front.. i had it checked out and the rear has no ac its just a fan for the back..go figure. my customized Chevy express full size van does the same thing

What does blow hot air mean?

It means something.

Your heater is not blowing air you can feel heat but will not blow?

The heater in all cars use a fan motor to blow the hot air. If you do not feel blowing air the fan is broken and needs to be replaced OR the fuse to the fan motor is burned out and needs to be replaced OR the fan switch that turns on the fan motor is bad OR the wires running to all of these is not connected somewhere. The solution? Check for a fuse in the fusebox that says "Blower" or "Fan". Remove it and put a new one in. If this does not work bring it to someone to test the other things, you cannot do it yourself.

Explain the following statement you feel cooler on a hot day when you turn on a fan even though the air being blown around is hot?

Before you turn on a fan, the air is essentially hot because it is still and there is no circulation byconvection of the air currents. When you turn on the fan, it sparks a circulation where the hot air at the top flows to the opposite side of the room, and then eventually becomes cooler and more dense, falls to the floor, and is pushed back towards the fan by the incoming hot air. So, when you turn on the air, the fan is just cirulating hot air, not making it colder. The air only becomes cooler when it flows away from the fan.

What are the Functions of air conditioner?

the function is to blow the hot air from outside to cool air in side

Does a portable cooling fan cool the air?

If it is just a fan, it will not cool it, it will simply blow the air around. To cool the air, you need a portable air conditioner. This will suck air in, cool it down, vent the hot air out (usually through the window, but can also be vented out through the roof or into a different room) and put the remaining cool air back into your room.

What would make your heat in your 99 cummins not blow hot air The heater core is hot to touch and the door that opens and closes from cold to hot is working Any suggestions on what this could be?

try check the blower fan itself. although everything is working you will something to move the air.

How do you use hot air?

I Blow Dry My Hair... I Straighten It. I Put It In My Hot Air Balloon. And A Lot Of Other Things.

Why is it that when you blow air out your wide open mouth it is hot air but when you blow out of a narrow mouth it is cold?

this is because the faster air moves the colder it feels. like a fan on a hot day,the faster it spins the better it feels but the temperature dosent change. the 'windchill' factor is the same idea too the temperature dosent change but the harder the wind blows the colder it feels..