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Why does your alternator and speed sensor fuse keeps blowing on a Honda Civic LX?


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2007-06-13 22:11:07
2007-06-13 22:11:07

you probably have a short in the fuse box, check the fuses and check it again, if it's not that check the wiring from the sensor and the alternator. any of them may need replacing.
You have a short circuit under the intake manifold where the wire harness crosses over the intake support bracket. Raise the car, go under and look up on the back side of the motor - look up under the intake manifold. There is a steel support bracket and a large wire harness just above it. the wires have rubbed on the bracket and worn through their insulation. Lift the wires back and tape everything up. It isn't even expensive to fix!!!


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The alternator on a 1986 Honda Civic is located in front of the engine. Unplug the battery and remove the alternator belt. Loosen the alternator bracket and remove the plug to the alternator. Replace the unit.

To reach the alternator on a 2000 Honda Civic loosen the adjustment bracket. Pull the loose belt off then loosen the bolts for the alternator. Replace the alternator.

Look under the dash and it's the fuse #15. The fuse will be a 7.5amp.

Depends what kind of alternator you have in it

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The alternator belt on a 1998 Honda Civic is replaced by loosening the mounting bracket, disconnecting the wiring harness, and slipping the belt off the pulley. The alternator is then unbolted, removed, and a new unit put in place.

The intake air temperature sensor on a 2007 Honda Civic is found inside the intake system. The sensor is placed near the air filter box.

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