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Why does your body ache when you get sick?

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Body aches are a side effect of the immune system response to an invading pathogen or germ. When your immune system detects the presence of these foreign objects, it uses certain proteins and chemicals (called cytokines) to communicate with the rest of the body. Some of these cytokines (like interleukins) can cause such things as fever and body aches, because they trigger these specific reactions.

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What happens to your body when you have influenza?

You get high grade fever, severe body-ache and prostration. You remain sick for a week or two.

Should your body ache after getting the flu shot?

no it aches to give the person a warning, then you get sick or have a flue

What happens if you have too much water in your body?

If you take too much water into your body you will get very sick. Your cells will start to burst and your stomach will ache.

How do you get a stomach-ache?

usally eating to much bad food or your sick of you might get one after a shot

How sick can you get from bed bug bites?

It can make you very sick. If you been bite by a bed bug you need to see a Doctor. To tell that your sick from bed bugs is,You will have the bites on you bodyYou will have the runnsYou will have a stomach acheYou will may have a fever

What happens when the body is fighting and infection?

you will feel sick and wont want to move if it a strong infection. but if it is weak you will have a mild head or stomach ache.

Will drinking blood make you sick?

You will vomit or have a terrible stomach ache.

What happen if the spoil food is eaten?

you could get sick and have a stomach ache

Can mice make your dog sick?

If they cough on him and they are sick, maybe. Also, if he eats too many of them he could get a tummy ache.

Why do sweets make your jaw ache?

BecauSe it candy.candy can make you really sick

Can kool-aid make you sick?

Yes, if you drink a lot of it. But that wont necessarily make you sick, just a stomach ache.

What is it that one simple pain makes the whole body ache?

it is a brief explanation of One simple pain makes the whole body ache it is because the pain through the body.

What causes your body to ache?

Moving after inactivity.

What kind of body aches do you get with swine flu?

it is not really that many but like back ache and stomach ache

What happens when you eat soap?

Stomach ache and vomiting.If you eat soap, you will probably get sick.

Can a period make you sick?

no but it will sometimes give you a stomach ache. it's happened to me before

Can a dog get sick if he eats grasshoppers?

No, a dog can't get sick if he eats grasshoppers. Maybe if the dog ate to many they may get a stomach ache.

Are you sick if your body temperature is 97.6?

No you are not sick at body temperature 97.6 you are sick at body temperature 98.6 and over

Why does my Stomach ache when eating certain foods?

well it goes by what you eaten chocolate and coke and jelly sweets are ok to eat but eat to many you do get sick really if you eat the same foods over and over again you have a stomach ache and maybe be sick

How can you get sick from drinking alchol?

well if u drink enough u can get sick.... i have drank many time and havent been sick.... if u drink to mutch then your body cant filter out the stuff it needs to quicly enough but if u drink a resonable amount u wont get sick.... when u do get sick ull through up or have a really bad head ache (HANGOVER) the next morning

Is body ache related to a kidney infection?


What happen if you drink to much orange juice?

you can get stomach ache and it could make you feel sick

Will you get really sick from bad eggs?

Yes and no. You will get a horrible stomach ache and diarrhea but it is not life threatening.

Will you get sick if you eat a birthday candle?

yes you will get a stomach ache and will have to stay at home for 1-2 weeks

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The cast of Body Ache - 2013 includes: Gregory Irving as Dr. John E. Ohio Janet Jay as Miss Jones