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This is something I just fixed today on my 1996 Mercury Sable. Your situation may be similar. The issue is a little metal block which moves up and down against a little relay. The block is located on the ignition key cylinder. The block is moved by your turning the key on the ignition, so that it's down (no contact) when the key is in the OFF position, and it's down (causing contact) when the key is in any other position (AUX, START or RUN). In my case, the block was dirty and not sliding down properly. I popped out the cylinder (in my case, set the lock to RUN push a little screwdriver or punch into the hole below the cylinder, and pull out the cylinder), and shot the little block with some graphite. Mine did this whenever my headlights or dome light were left on.

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Q: Why does your car keep going ding ding ding ding?
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