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Why does your car smoke sometimes when you turn on the AC?

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This could mean that your heater core is going bad. Had the same problem with my Dodge ram 1500. It could also mean that the AC compressor clutch is slipping. It may only slip when it is first turned on because then it tries to goes from zero RPM to normal speed in a split second.

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How do you remove smoke smell when i turn on my ac in my truck?

turn on the ac and open the door or window

Why does car turn off when you turn on the ac?

The ac pump may be seized up.

How do you recharge your a Lincoln ac?

turn the car on

Why your car stop when the ac turn on?

bad alternator or ground to ac compressor

What do you need to do to your car before a smoke test only?

What do you mean smoke test? If u mean a hot box, roll a few fattys, roll up the windows, turn of the ac, and let er rip

Ac on peugeot 307 comes on when start car how do you turn off?

If you have the defroster on, the ac comes on automatically.

Why does my car over heat everytime you turn on the ac?

You have a blocked radiator.

Turn your ac on your car slows down?

yes it does AC needs some power from engine so it happens....

Why does your car vibrates when the ac turn on?

The engine may be in need of a tune up.

Why a car AC is cooling when set temperature is higher than actual temperature?

the ac in the car cools, the fact you have set a higher temperature than the ambient tempereature means that the car's heater is working and so is the ac, if you wish to heat up your car, turn the ac off.

When AC is on car smokes under the hood does not smoke when the AC is off 2001 Pontiac Aztek?

Check the driver belt, tensioner and the a/c clutch and compressor.......

What can you do to get your air conditioner in your car working again?

Did you check the AC fluid? That is sometimes the problem.

Why your car stalls when you turn the AC on?

The idle is set too low or there is an electrical problem

What should you do to prevent yourself from hot weather?

if you are in a car turn on the ac or have a portable fan with you

Why does your car sputter when you turn the AC on?

If its dropping RPM's when u turn ur AC on then u need to clean ur Mass Airflow Sensor which will be located on the intake. Use B12

Why is car temp gauge going up when your ac is on?

when the AC is on it puts more stress on the engine cause the engine has to now turn the compressor. which in turn adds more heat to the engine.

Why does your ac come on when you turn on the heater on your car?

The AC takes the moisture out of the cabin air and that helps clear the inside of the windshield from moisture faster.

When the car is on is the engines fan supposed to turn?

Yes, when the engine heats up or the AC is turned on.

My car makes constant screaching sound that only goes away when i turn on the ac or defrosterwhy is this?

My best guess is your AC belt is in bad shape and tightens when you engage the AC/Defrost.

Why are your fans turning on intermitently?

When I turn my AC on sometimes they come on and sometimes dont, causing it to overheat. I checked the fans by hotwiring from the battery and they turned on everytime.

Why would smoke come out of the ac vent?

smoke coming from a/c vent indicates that the heater core is leaking and needs to be replaced.this smoke is hot antifreeze, it will not cause a fire but it does stink and will eventually cause car to overheat

Where is the ac refill valve on a grand am?

Sometimes it is under the car on the front passenger side, the other is on top.

Hi you have a 2000 ford focus se when you turn the ac the car stalls when the car is idle?

Look for a vacuum blockage or a vacuum leak.

Why do AC reduce performance of car?

takes extra RMP to turn the compressor. therefore loss in power.

Can you run 0.5hp ac water pump with car battery?

No, the pump runs on AC current the battery supplies DC current. Yes, but you will need an inverter to turn the DC current into AC current