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Why does your clockradio light switch off when the headlights are put on?

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They as designed to "dim" when headlights are on to reduce "glare" try adjusting dash dimmer switch

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Why do my headlights blink off and on when your light switch is on?

loose bulbs

On a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville dash lights do not come on if headlights are off radio display lights up if headlights are turned on radio display turns off and dash does not light up?

replace the head light switch you may have a bad wire or a faulty dimmer switch.

Where is the fog light switch on a 1996 Chrysler sebring convertible?

On the turn signal indicator arm. Switch on the headlights, make sure the high beam is off, then pull out the rotating light switch.

Your service light comes on only when daytime running lights are on?

Well, the daytime running lights are on whenever the car is running and in gear. They're off when you have the headlights on. So, your service light Doesn't come on when the headlights are on?? If you switch the headlights between on and off (with the car running and in gear) does the service light follow?

Your headlights will not shut off on a 99 dodge Dakota what could cause this and how can you fix it?

replace the head light switch

What causes ford transit headlights and tail lights to blink?

I've heard that if you have an automatic light switch sut-off switch and are having problem with your headlights flashing like a police car, it was caused by the cars computer.

How do you tell if a head light switch s defective?

Check the headlights relay. Turn the switch on and off. Listen for activation. If not it will be hard testing because they are in the steering column.

What would cause a 92 Buick Park Avenue to have the headlights turn on when needed but sometimes they won't turn off and how do you take out the head light switch in the door?

The car has automatic headlights....they go on and off when it gets light or dark out...they will also stay on for up to 3mins after you shut the car off depending on how the twilight sentenal switch is adjusted. And to take out the headlight switch in the door you have to take apart the door pannel

Why won't my Headlights turn off on my 1998 Chevy Malibu?

AnswerI assume that you mean why won't the headlights turn off when I turn them off at night. The 98 Malibu has a light sensor that automatically turns on the head lights when it senses a low light condition. Unless there is sufficient light from some other source directed at this sensor, the head lights will not turn off when you turn them off using the switch on the dash panel. They will only go off when the head light switch is in the lights off position and the car is shut off.The only other way to turn the headlights off while the vehicle is running in low-light conditions, is to set the parking brake prior to starting the vehicle. This will prevent both Headlights and Day-Time Running lights from turning on when the vehicle is running.

How do you turn off 03 Pontiac Vibe headlights. won't turn off after car is off. I have light switch in the off position so what is going on.?

Check your relay. Take a test light to see if you have power going to the 86 pole when the headlight switch is turned off. If you do, your switch is stuck in the on position. If you don't, your relay is stuck closed.

How do you make the headlights on a 1999 Mercedes C230 stay on all the time so they automatically turn on and off with ignition?

Set your light switch to "auto" on the dash and your lights will come on automatically with the ignition. Turn your light switch on your dashboard to "auto" or "automatic" and the lights will come on and off with your ignition switch.

Can you turn off the automatic headlights on a Volvo v70?

On 2000 model there is a tiny screw bottom r/h corner of light switch that does it.

When headlights are turned off parking lights remain on running down the battery What is wrong?

sounds like a bad light switch.

Headlights wont shut off?

check the headlight/multifunction switch

Where is the fog light switch on the 2002 Chrysler sebring?

There is a switch on the end cap of the light switch stalk. Pull this cap straigt out after the lights are turned on only. There should be a small light that comes on in the upper right corner of the instrument panel. Turn the driving lights off by pushing in on the end cap that you pulled out. Also, if you turn the ignition off before turning off your lights, the headlights will remain on for about 30 seconds or so after the light switch is turned to the off position.

Why do my headlights turn off when I turn the high beams on?

Your headlights turn off when you turn the high beams on because you have a defective switch. You need to have a mechanic replace the high beams switch. It is a simple replacement.

Where is the button to turn off the security light on a Ford Focus?

Well if you mean the interior lights they automatically switch off when you lock the car doors, if you mean your headlights the dial which turns the headlights on and to park also pulls out and pushes in so you may have it out??

How do you turn a light switch off?

Flip the light switch into the down or off position.

Headlight issue 1996 metro Headlight switch off day time running lights work. Parking light switch on headlights and parking lights work headlight switch on no lights work. Anyone have ideas?

I would start with replacing the head light switch

What causes the dashboard lights and radio light to turn off when the headlights are on in 2004 Sienna?

Probably because the dimmer switch is turned off. Turn the dimmer switch up and see if the dashlights and radio illumination lamps come on.

How do the headlights go on a Chevrolet truck S10 2003?

Some time's my headlight's come on like they should and some time's they don' this because of the head light switch is going bad? If this problem is occurring while the headlights are in automatic on/off mode, the light sensor on top of the dash is probably at fault. If this problem is occurring while operating the light switch manually, the headlight switch is probably at fault.

How do you turn off headlights in a 1998 Oldsmobile silhouette when it is running?

You can only turn off the headlights by applying the emergency brake. When the emergency brake is on, the headlights will not light. Otherwise the best of my expererience is that they are on all the time. If you have remote start, put the emergency brake on before you leave the vehicle and when you remote start it, the headlights will not be on, but the driving lights (if switch is on) will be on as well as the parking lights.

Why do the headlights on a 1986 celica gts come on and pop up by themselves when the ignition switch is turned off but will not work at all when the light switch is turned on or off?

Ever watched a movie called christine? Nah, check your wiring harness for the headlights and look for a bare spot(s) with wire showing...could be grounding

My Car headlights stay on when car is switched off?

They stay on cause they runnin off the battery. there should be a car headlights switch somewhere by your spedometer stuff...

The headlights are on and you can't switch them off?

Headlights are on a relay. It may have fused shut. The relay maybe in with the fuses. Some have a delay going off which may have failed.