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Q: Why does your cooling fan constantly run on a 1991capri?
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What could cause the cooling fan to run constantly on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire GT with a 2.4 engine?

If the AC is on constantly, the fan will be on constantly. If that's not it, it mught be the fan relay or the temperature sensor.

What would be the most likely cause of a 1998 Escort ZX2 electric cooling fan to run almost constantly?

The cooling fan will run whenever the AC or Defroster is on. Beyond that, it will run whenever the sensor indicates that the temperature is above a set-point.

If you open your PC and look at the CPU how can you tell if it uses active or passive cooling?

If the PC and CPU are still plugged in and the computer is turned on, a person can tell if they have an active or passive cooling system. An active cooling system allows the fan to run constantly. A passive system allows the fan to run only when there is danger of overheating.

What would cause the cooling fan to constantly run on a Mazda 626 1999 model?

Answer: If you mean your radiator cooling fan, it most likely is a grounded or shorted circuit from the "cooling fan sensor" (internal) or a pinched wire. Depends on when it happened: was there any work done prior to this happening? IF not, then the sensor is most likely the issue. In this case, once you find it (normally the sensor is screwed into the bottom of the radiator), unplug one of the wires (or remove the connector) and see if the cooling fan continues to run, if the fan turns off, then replace the sensor.

Why does 1992 grand marquis overheat when air-conditioner is on?

Check the operation of the cooling fan or fans. One should run constantly with the A/C on. If it does not, check the fuse, relay, and finally the fan itself.

What causes a cooling fan on a 2004 L300W Saturn to run almost constantly?

Depending on ambient temperature and which heater mode you have selected your A/C may be running which may in turn trigger the cooling fan. Also if the check engine light is on the fan will sometimes run because of the code set. One final possibility is the temp sensor may be reading incorrectly

How can you make the engine cooling fan run all the time?

Simply bypass the cooling fan thermostat .G

Why my cooling fan DOES NOT run on my 95 contour?

Bad temp. sensor? on most ford contour cars the cooling fan only runs when the motor reaches a certain temp. this model car also has a cooling fan relay switch,if the switch is bad the fan will not run.

What can make a car run hot if you have replaced the thermostat?

The electric cooling fan or cooling fan temp sensor may be faulty.

Should the cooling fan run when the car is cold?

The cooling fan generally does not run when the car is cold, but could be wired directly to the battery so that when the ignition is engaged, the fan comes on. This is not a factory modification but is often accomplished if the car tends to run hot.

Cooling fan problem?

If you have a problem with your cooling fan it may be an electrical problem. You don't want to drive you car in this condition because it can run hot.

What makes the cooling fan run all the time on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?

If you have the A/C turned on the cooling fan will run continuously which is normal. If that is not the case then the thermal relay may be stuck shut.

Cooling fan to run when car is off?

If the temperature of your car engine is still very high after stopping, the car cooling fan will continue to run, and the cooling fan will not work until the temperature drops.The above answer comes from Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Why wont the ac cooling fan run on a 1987 tauras?

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Will an intermittent radiator fan be due to a faulty thermal switch or the thermostat if fan linked directly to battery works fine?

The cooling fan is designed to come on ONLY when the A/C, defroster (ambient temperature over 45 degrees) or when the engine coolant exceeds 235 degrees. Not designed to run constantly.

Why does the engine cooling fan on a 1993 Toyota Corolla run when the car is cold and you turn the key on?

If the AC or Defroster is on, many vehicles will also turn on the cooling fan.

Why does cooling fan on 2006 gmc truck run continuously?

It will if the ac is on.

Does cooling fan run all the time when the car is due a service?


In your 306 the engine cooling fans are disconnected at the moment because when connected and the ignition is on they run constantly any ideas why they run constantly would be helpful and any fixes?

When your engine's stopped running the fan should come on or stay on to cool the engine down,it should stop when it reaches the correct temperature which is set by the switch, located near top of fan. If the fans coming on as soon as you put ignition key in, it sounds like the switch is faulty.

Your cooling fans run all the time when the engine is running.?

engine cooling fan should not do this - bad temp sensor likely

Is it normal for the engine cooling fan to run after the engine is shut down new fuel pump and radiator installed?

Yes it is normal if you have an electric fan. The fan will run until the engine temp lowers to normal.

Why does the cooling fan run all the time on my 1989 Corvette?

The fan sensor is bad or the fan relay is stuck. Swapping out the relay is the most likely fix.

What causes one of the cooling fans not to engage in a 1995 Mazda mx3 1.4L?

Blown fuse, defective thermal relay, or defective cooling fan. One fan should run anytime the A/C is on.

Why doesn't the engine cooling fan run?

Several things may be the cause ...... fan no longer works, cooling fan relay no longer works, coolant temp sensor is bad, or maybe even the cars ECU is'nt telling the fan to come on. Ron J.

Where does the power wire from the fan motor on a 1994 Ford Escort LX connect to the fan control switch?

There is no fan control switch, and no direct connection to any sensor or switch on that vehicle. The system works like this. The computer(PCM) decides when to turn on the fan. The PCM looks at engine temperature from the ECT sensor, and AC input from the AC control head switches. When the PCM decides that you need the cooling fan to come on, it uses the cooling fan relay, and the cooling fan high speed relay to turn on the fan, and whether it should run at low speed, or high speed. The power input to the cooling fan comes from the cooling fan relays.