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Why does your dog keep biting his feet making himself bleed?


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A dog usually chews their feet like that when they are under a huge amount of stress.

AnswerThe above can be true at times, but some breeds of dogs just do it out of habit. I have a Bichon Frise and she's white. She will go at her feet every so often and she's treated very well and is not under stress at all. Sometimes "hot spots" can create chewing on not only the feet, but anywhere the dog can reach. During hot weather or even in the winter when the dog is inside more hot spots can certainly cause a problem. I use an oatmeal shampoo on my dog to help her and it seems to do the trick. Also keep their nails professionally clipped. AnswerMy dog at the time ( Old English Sheepdog, he's since gone to doggie heaven) did this when he had a foxtail that had buried itself in the fur between his pads. If it didn't get removed promptly, the dang foxtail worked itself into the skin where it caused an infection. He had to have surgery twice to get them removed. After that I use to check between his pads for foxtails and goat heads every few days. You really should have your Vet check it out. Answer:Dogs may also lick/chew their feet when they are having Allergies.
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