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maybe she doesn't want to be picked up

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Q: Why does your dog squat when you go to pick her up?
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What causes frontal wedging to lift?

you squat and pick up the stuff cause your going to tear our back up if you don't

How do you stop a dog from peepping on floor?

it takes time to train your dog.Well,once you see your dog about to squat you need to pick up that dog and run as fast as you can to whatever or wherever you want your dog to use the restroom at.Then, praise your dog.It's ok if your dog goes on the way there because you tried.but as long as you take the dog to the same spot every time and you praise your dog when it goes there your dog will be trained to go in that spot/area.

How do you get you dog back from the dog hotel in nintendog?

All you have to do is just pick up the dog: Pick the Go Out button, then shop, and on the bottom left hand corner you wil see dog hotel. Click that and it will say pick up. If you already have three dogs with you, then you are going to have to swap one of them to et the other.

When you work out what is a box squat?

Box Squat is a variation of a squat where you sit on a box and squat back up.

Can you pick up fleas from a dog?

yes, if your dog has fleas

Where in atlanta airport to go to pick up dog shipped from Germany?

you go to the new international terminal building 1600A

How do you get you dog to pick up a still live bird?

you can try training him to pick it up

What does it mean when your dog moans while you pick him up?

it means you should not pick him up

Should you pick up dogs?

If it is your own dog there is likely no reason you should not pick up the dog. If it is a strangers dog it is not a good idea. Some dogs do not like to be picked up and will bite if you try to pick them up. This is more likely to happen if it is a dog that doesn't know you.

Do they charge to go pick up a dog from the shelter?

Yes and each county charges a different fee.

How do you stop a female dog from peeing on the floor?

when you see them squat, make some kind of loud noise(clapping,banging...) or quickly pick them up and take them outside to finish. if those dont work, whenever your dog goes outside and does something, reward them with a treat

Can a dog pick up a parasite from eating horse poo?

Yes. A dog eating any type of feces can cause the dog to "pick up" a parasite(s)

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