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Yes and each county charges a different fee.

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Q: Do they charge to go pick up a dog from the shelter?
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I need a dog?

Then go to a shelter and rescue a dog that is in need of a good home.

What is the difference between a dog kennel and dog shelter?

A dog kennel is a place where you can take your dog when you go on vacation or something. A dog shelter is where they house homeless dogs or dogs that were taken from their owners.

How do you adoped a dog?

Well you go to an animal shelter Thanks ~K~ Well you go to an animal shelter Thanks ~K~

Where can you go to turn in an abused dog which is not yours?

the pound or animal shelter

How do you you get a dog?

You can go to a breeder, a shelter, a rescue....look in the newspaper too!

What to do when a dog bites its owner?

It must go.take it to the shelter,surrender it and go.

What is the best dog for a family with three kids?

You may want a golden retriever; it is an exceptionally friendly breed of dog. Alternatively, just go to your local animal shelter and pick a dog that appeals to you. That has the advantage of being less expensive, and also of giving a home to a dog that needs one.

What is the best dog for protection?

Go to your local shelter, pick a shepherd or shepherd mix. They are smart and can easily be trained for protection. Training does not mean making the dog mean, just protective. You can go on line for training tips or take the dog to a trainer. I suggest a female because they tend to be better at this task.

What is the shelter for dogs called?

A dogs shelter can be two things If it is an outside shelter for a dog it is known as a kennel, If it is a place where abandoned dogs go it is know as a dog shelter, I recommend dogs trust or RSPCA Happy to help woof woof!!! he he

Is neutering a dog a good idea?

go visit your local shelter....YES!

What is the name Home For A Dog?

the dog would live in a kennel. That is his shelter, If you would want to adopt a dog you would go to the pound

Dogs needs a shot for parvocan can you help?

Go to the local animal shelter. They will usually have a vaccination program where they will give the dog any shots it needs free of charge or for a very small fee.

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