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Warning lights in a car are meant to indicate a problem. When the Check Engine light comes on after 30 mph, it means that the car is not running well, that there is an issue with fuel, or electricity getting to the engine.

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Q: Why does your engine light come on and blink after 30 mph?
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How can the check engine turn on running at 70 mph and then when I turn off the truck didn't come on?

The check engine light comes on if a malfunction with the emission control system has been detected - it can stay on - or may go out and come back on in the future

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There are two sets of leads under the dash, steering column side, one set black, one set green. connect black leads ignition on, but do not start the engine! this will allow the engine management light to blink out the code (long blink = 10 short blink =1) connect green leads, drive car for 1 min at over 10 mph, stop and hold car revs at 2000rpm you will then get four long blinks from engine light, disconnect leads and problem is cleared from memory! mine turned out to be a sticky waste gate! oh and if engine light is on very often, car will not rev past 4200 rpm as it goes into defense mode if it senses a problem!!

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This should have set a code; I would have the codes pulled from your computer to find out the problem. Autozone used to do the free.

In your 1994 wrangler when you get to about 70 mph the check engine light comes on and the speedometer flucuates?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired

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