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It sounds like he has his share of problems. People tend to reveal more about themselves when they're drunk and tend to get drunk when they're depressed or experiencing anxiety. If you're divorced, you can't really expect him to remain celibate, but he will certainly reveal what he's thinking when the alcohol has removed all or at least most of his inhibitions. Yes, he apparently has regrets, but not so much that he won't find comfort in someone else's bed. Is this the kind of guy you want to be stuck with for the rest of your life? Dump him, move on and find someone who is a little more disserving of your attention. The above poster said it in a nut shell, but I'd like to add that he sounds like he's an alcoholic and that's a disease. Since he's not trying to help himself then there is nothing you can do about it.

2006-09-07 19:18:16
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If you get drunk can you get HIV?

Being drunk has nothing to do with getting HIV. You get HIV if you have sex with someone who has HIV, whether you're sober or drunk.

What are the effects of consuming alcohol and marijuana together?

if you smoke marijuana then drink it won't really do anything but if you get drunk then smoke you will get crazy drunk.

What is the difference between ataxia and being drunk?

Ataxia is a neurological symptom/sign of not being able to coordinate movement. There are many things that can cause someone to have ataxia. "Being drunk" is the reason behind someone exhibiting a bunch of signs/symptoms. Being drunk is a cause of ataxia, although usually, there's other signs and symptoms too.

Can you get drunk from beer?

yes you can get drunk from beer you can get drunk from anything with acahol in it

To what extent is being drunk or high seem as an acceptable reason for otherwise unacceptable behavior?

It isn't. Being drunk or high is choice someone makes. The consequences of their actions are not excused by poor choices.

What to do when boyfriend cheats on you with cousin when both are drunk?

Being drunk is no excuse. Many people get drunk and may be attracted to someone else at a party, but most 'look and don't touch.' Get rid of your boyfriend because he'll cheat on you again and being drunk just isn't a good enough excuse.

What to do when you go overboard ask for a guys no being agirl?

Get drunk? Get his number off someone else...

How can you get drunk without alcohol?

You can get drunk on anything addicting (such as money.)

Does trever and raven get together in vampire kisses?

No, When Trevor was hitting on Raven at the party, He was drunk, and he didn't mean anything he said.

Can you get drunk drinking bloody marys?

Anything with alcohol can get you drunk smarty.

How do you tell when someone is drunk?

Some signs that someone is drunk:they cant balancethey talk nonsensevomiting

If you were asked to have a drink with someone and soon get drunk after saying yes would you ever be friends with that person again?

Of course.Unless your being drunk caused major problems (somebody attempts to take advantage of you, you get embarrassed by drunk behaviour, you get very sick, etc.) then there is not really anything to blame on them.You had every right to say no, or to limit the number of drinks you had, or to leave before getting so drunk. Not much can be blamed on anybody besides yourself.

What is the slang definition of lush?

A lush is a drunk - someone who is habitually drunk.

Why is someone who is drunk or high responsible for his actions?

because that person is chosing to get drunk or high....its not like someone is forcing them

What could prevent on from being able to get a tattoo?

There are a few things that could prevent someone being able to get a tattoo. One of the most common reasons is if someone is drunk, they cannot sign the consent form.

When your drunk is the heart drunk also?

No. A study showed that being "drunk" is caused directly from the brain being altered from alcohol. However, if you would are drunk, then it is possible to consider you're entire body, including your heart, drunk as well. But scientifically, no, your heart is not drunk.

Can someone get drunk on ice cream?


Was Christiano Ronaldo drunk when he crashed his Ferrari?

No, he was not charged with being drunk

What is intoxication?

being drunk

Is this question correct ''i want to drunk you''?

No drunk means inebriated which you can't do to someone.

What is being high like?

Very relaxing and nice.. you feel happy and peaceful, and hungry or sleepy but you are in control of yourself, its not anything like being drunk or like something like that

How does being drunk feel?

Being drunk is really craaaaazzzzzy for instance my aunt went to a club right and then i guess she had alot of beers and got drunk she explained to me that when people get drunk you woozy, and you start seeing double

Do repeat offenders for drunk driving do it again?

Yes. Because 'repeated offender' means that someone is repeatedly offending the law. So yes, if someone says someone is a repeated offender of drunk driving, it means they drunk drove repeatedly.

If you have a gay experience while being drunk are you a gay?

No not all together it depends if you think about men/women being naked or having sex with men/women. But alot of people have homosexual experiences while drunk but most don't remember it or think about it. Youll know!

What is being steam boated?

Being drunk or "pissed"