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Why does your floor board get oily on your 1984 Toyota Camry?


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2005-05-08 22:37:53
2005-05-08 22:37:53

My guess is a leaking clutch master cylinder. Does this have a Manual or automatic transmission. B Clear. I've seen this plenty of times. either the chutch master, the speedo cable, or the heater core. is this a sweet smelling fluid? can you touch the fluid and rinse it off with water? if so it is a coolant leak, if oil is still there, it is oil from the trans, either manual or automatic. if it is clear and becomes cloudy when applying water it is probably brake fliud from the clutch master cylinder, replace it. if it is red, it probably is from the cable on an automatic transmission, replace the cable. if it is red or green and washes off with water it is probably your heater core, good luck with replacing this unit.


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Under the air breather... Remove air breather and look down right there and not too bad to get to. Hope it helps.

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no fluid in reservoir due to leaking reservoir or slave cylinder

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on the left side of floor board is your fuse box,it should say on the cover.

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Fram PH4967 fits many Toyota (4 cylinder) applications, from 1984 up to 2008, such as the Corolla, Camry, Celica, Tercel, and RAV4.

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