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Why does your girlfriend playfully touch and squeeze your butt when kissing?

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βˆ™ 2007-09-23 23:54:12

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Just to add a hint of an extra dimension to the kiss. :)

It makes the kiss more sexy and involved. girls like that.

2007-09-23 23:54:12
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How do you get your girlfriend to let you touch her butt while kissing?

It should happen if your relationship works well

Do girls playfully touch a boy's butt?

Some Do,Some Don't

Does the doctor pull your panties down?

take em all the way off touch touch squeeze squeeze sianara!! oh and squeeze boobs btw

Where do touch when first time kissing?

You touch her waist

Why won't my girlfriend touch my penis She touched it when we where kissing and asked what it was so I said it's my penis and she was fine with that But after that she won't touch it?

Your girlfriend might enjoy touching you there when she isn't asked to. But when you ask her to touch it she might feel forced to do so. Basically you should let her get warmed up to touching it when she feels like it.

Where to touch him while kissing?

It depends, if the relationship has just started, then hug him while kissing him.

Do your tongues touch to each other's tongues while kissing?

Yes, if you are 'French' kissing.

Are your tongues supposed to touch when you kiss?

They don't have to but they can. Kissing with tongues touching is referred to as French kissing.

Do girls like it if you touch and squeeze their butt while kissing?

Personally, I like it. But I guess it depends on the female. Girls tend to like it. Personally, i do. But if you're gunna do it, then dont ask the girl if its ok,,, but just do it and give it to them as a suprise.

How do you kiss your girlfriend if we both have braces?

Just kiss :P Your braces won't touch anyways xD Unless you somehow like open your mouth with your teeth showing when u kiss. Then idk. But just normally kissing, it should be exactly the same as normal kissing.

What does tongue kissing mean?

it means that when you kiss someone ur tonges touch they also call it french kissing

Where to touch a girlfriend romantically. after kissing or mayb during a kiss..?

Gently touch her neck while you are kissing her, this is very sexy. Just lightly run your fingers up and down the side of her neck. Or you could gently massage her hands while you kiss her. This is also very sexy. Hold one of her hands in one of your hands and use the other fingers to softly run along the palm of her hand (I love that). Both can be done during or after kissing.

How is a french kiss perfomed?

When both of your toungues touch when kissing.

What to do with your tongue while kissing?

You use your tongue to touch her tongue.

Where do you touch a boy when you are kissing him?

Neck and head/hair area....

Is it ok for your girlfriend to touch you?

it depends on where they touch you do normally yes.

Do you touch the other person's tongue when kissing?

This is a preference during kissing. Some may find it comfortable, but some may not.

How do you care for a teddy bear?

don't let other people touch it. wash your hand before you touch. don't squeeze it

Where do girls like getting touched at?

Well girls like it when you touch there butt or if your kissing touch her butt or boobs.

Where should touch a girl to tempt?

By touching the hip and kissing the neck

How do you touch your girlfriend without her dress?

just make sure you are gentle and you can touch her anywhere if you are hugging her you can touch her butt and if you are kissing her you can rub your hands on her back. touching her on her vigina is a fab place to explore she might be a bit reluctant at first but wriggle your fingers around and wait for her to relax. move in a kiss her with tounges and then kiss her on the vigina with your tongue to

If a guy likes you would he touch you and playfully step on your feet?

boys always play with you and try to be cool when they fancy you. so yes he does fancy you.

Whenever my crush passes by my seat in the bus he always tries to touch or hit me but playfully why?

He's probably interestded in you, too. Don't worry.

How can i make my girlfriend like my penis?

You have to let your girlfriend get used to your penis, let her see it and play with it however and whenever she wants. Sometimes you might try waking her up in the morning by holding her and letting her feel your erection against her. If she is going to perrform oral sex you might gently rub your penis on her cheeks or playfully touch her nose with it. And always be sure to keep your penis clean.

How do you know if a soccer ball is squishy or not?

You have to touch and squeeze it in order to know if it's squishy or not