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Either it is hurting his ears or he is merely joining in to what he thinks are other dogs howling. kinda like wolves and coyotes do, it's still instinctive to a domestic dog.

2009-07-02 02:14:21
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What is the noise thing on top of a firetruck?

The siren....

How do you on the siren of a police car in gta vice city?

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Noise from Wailing siren of a police car?


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the changing of the police cars siren as it moves by you it is a example of what?


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the inventor of the police siren or the inventor of the noisemaker :)

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Quickly BUT SAFELY move to out of the way.If you cannot do so immediately,DO NOT PANIC do it when you can.

The changing pitch of a police cars siren as it moves by you is an example of what?

The Doppler effect

The changing pitch of a police cars siren as it moves by you is an example of?

Doppler effect

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The changing pitch of a police car siren as it moves by you is an example of?

The Doppler effect.

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What are the release dates for FreakyLinks - 2000 Subject Police Siren 1-12?

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As you drive down the road you see and hear an approaching ambulance How is the frequency you hear different from that being produced by the ambulance?

The wavelengths of the sound are compressed, making them shorter, and thus the frequency (and the pitch) higher. So the person in the oncoming car hears the siren operating at a higher pitch than the ambulance driver hears the same siren. This phenomenon is known as the Doppler effect.

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