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Why does your steering wheel shake at 50 mph?

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50 MPH = 80.45 KM/H.

Most common (but are not restricted to) causes of noise and vibration problems:

1. A poorly seated tire on the rim 2. The tire or wheel assembly are out of balance 3. Rim that are out of roundness 4. Tire that are out of roundness 5. Irregular tire wear

If there are problem(s) with your tires or the way they have been installed, they will most likely begin to shake and vibrate your vehicle at between 50 and 65 MPH ( 80.45 and 104.585 KM/H).

There's a high chance that the problem may be cause by unbalance wheels, a visit to your local Tire mechanics, to have the tires balance may be able to eliminate the problem.

Check your tie rod ends, balljoints, and wheel bearings. However, it is most likely that you have a bad tire (uneven spots / "runout"), a tire out of balance, or a bent rim. If you have your tire balanced and all of your suspension components are fine and it still shakes, its most likely a bent rim. The only way to fix this is to get a new rim, but that's expensive. What I did was rotate my tires, and the shake went away (bent rim moved to back). This is not the proper way to fix it, but it worked for me.

It could also be your CV Shafts, depending on if its a front wheel drive car or not, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc.

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Why does the steering wheel shake when i go 50 mph or higher?

More than likely you have a tire out of balance. It is possible you have a bent wheel. Have your tires balanced, inspected, and rotated.

Steering wheel shake above 50 mph while braking rotors and pads have been replaced?

Be sure to check suspension components. Namely the tie-rods...

Why does a steering wheel on your car shake?

If it shakes just driving at around 50 mph then the tires need balancing. If it shakes when stopping you have a warped rotor. Edit: tire balance problems are most noticeable starting at around 35 mph. Balance problems can be undetectable by 50 mph. Can also be a bad tire which will be more noticeable usually at slower speeds. Steering wheel shake normally indicates a problem with the front end while a shake felt in your feet and/or the seat will be in the rear. Shake while braking will usually be a rotor problem, however can be a bent hub or spindle and even loose steering parts. Need to take to a qualified tech for further diagnosis.

Why does my 92 sonoma run rough between 50 and 55 mph only?

Need more info. Does just the engine run rough or does the steering shake or does the whole vehicle shake betwen 50 and 55 mph?

What causes your car to shake going 50 mph?

Normally this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

Why does your steering wheel shake when you go above 50 in my car?

Get the tyres checked for balance, and bulges in the side wall.

Steering wheel vibrate at over 50 mph?

may be due to out of balanced wheels, simply you do wheel balancing. Or otherwise worn out tyre

How do you determine if wheels are out of balance?

An out of balance tire or will almost always manifest itself as a vibration in the steering wheel above 50 mph. A bent wheel will be felt as soon as you get to around 30 mph.

93 Camry with 150k miles. It started to develop a shake that is only during acceleration and only between 50 and 60 mph. Replaced tires replaced right and left front axles. Steering wheel does'n shake?

It might be your transmition...

1995 dodge caravan steering wheel shakes at 45-50 mph?

bent drive axle or axles

What causes steering wheel vibration in a rear wheel drive car at 50 mph and above?

Out of alignment.......warped brake rotor......broken belt in a tire.....

What could cause steering wheel vibration when applying breaks while driving on a highway at 50 mph in a 2001 Galant?

Steering wheel vibration when applying brakes is usually caused by warped disc brake rotors

What does it mean if your car is shaking violently at 50 MPH?

My steering wheel shakes what could this mean? _____ try getting your car re-aligned.

Why does your 86' cabrio shake mostly at 50 mph and some lower speeds not at 65 or higher?

sounds like you need a wheel balance

2001 grand am gt when going over 50 mph then putting on the brakes the front-end peddle and steering wheel shake the harder i stop the more it shakes have checked the lug nuts what could it be?

front brake pulsation have front rotors replaced

Why does your steering wheel shake when you drive between 50-55MPH on a 2004 Sahara?

u probabily need an alignment u probabily need an alignment

What causes the front end of a car to shake a bit while going 50 mph or higher?

Tire our of balance or bent wheel. Have your tires rotated and balanced.

Does warped rotors make a corolla pulsate while driving?

4 time ASE certified tech here, warped front brake rotors will make your brake pedal pulsate and steering wheel shake when braking. most noticed when moderate braking at 40 - 50 mph.

Why would a car shake after 50 mph?

Most of the time this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel. Take your car to anyplace that sells tires and have the tires rotated and balanced.

Why does your truck shake when you hit the brakes at 50-55 mph?

If the rotors are warped it can cause a shake when you hit the brakes.

If an 86' Pontiac firebird shakes anytime I get on the highway an I'm about to reach 45-50 mph it starts to shake violently what could cause it to shake?

I would say your tires are out of balance or one has separated. If you feel it more in the steering wheel its a front tire. If its more in the drivers seat its a rear tire. That is the most common problem. Matt Demick

Why does your 325IS shake only between 40-50 mph during both acceleration and slowing down and even when it's in neutral?

Tires or rims out of balanceBent wheel

Front wheels shake at 50 mph sometimes Where is the problem?

Tires out of balance, wheel bent, or both. Have the tires rotated and balanced, wheels inspected, and the front end alignment checked.

What would make a steering wheel shake between 50-70 km?

If your steering wheel shakes between 50-70 km, it probably has nothing to do with the steering wheel! It probably has something to do with the front wheels, alignment, or steering linkage. See if a front wheel has uneven wear. See if a piece of rubber is torn or perhaps missing. Take it to a place that sells tires and alignments. They will be able to spot the problem. +++ If the vibration is confined to a certain speed range, the most likely cause is an unbalanced wheel. BTW, the units there should be km/h. Km alone is just distance, not speed.

You have a 1994 Grand Am your car on the highway or at 50 mph and over starts to shake your check engine lights comes on as well you just had an O2 sensor and wheel replaced Any ideas?

fuel filter