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If your looking for a specific species of cat, try typing in the specie's specific name. The name "cat" may be too general for what you are searching for.

Also, a cat and a kitten are one in the same. A kitten is simply a young cat: not a subspecies or separate species of cat.

If you're looking for the family the cat species belongs to, the scientific term for that is known as Felidae.

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A kitten with long whiskers is a kitten. It having whiskers doesn't make it anything other than just a cat.

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because of some extra skin that doesnt have any place to go when it was a kitten.

no they eat anything except puppies and kittens

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You need to tell your parents how well you will take care of the kitten and never have to be asked to change the litter box or anything like that.

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either that kitten is sick and dying or, something touched the kitten that the mother doesnt like, im betting on the sick/dying

It is possible that you got ring worm from your new kitten but you should look for a rash on the kitten and take it to the vet to make sure that the kitten isn't infected. Children can get ring worm from the soil outside and touching anyone or anything that's infected.

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A kitten is called a cat by many people when it grows up. Although the technical scientific name for the domestic cat is Felis catus, or Felis silvestris catus.

Google Images can give you a picture of just about anything.

Well they'll eat anything small when they're hungry.

It doesnt matter how old you are, the cat is as old as his date of birth to present day.

I do not think CAT stands for anything, I just think it stands for a normal kitten.

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No, the word kitten is not an adverb.The word kitten is a noun.

your kitten could be shaking for a couple of reasons>>>>> he/she could be scared, they could be could, they could be lacking food or water, or they could be shaking just because. if anything out of the orainary comes up take your kitten to the vet right away but usually its nothing.

maybe your cat doesn't pur because she doesnt get enough attention or doesnt like the attention you are giving her. my cat purs when she is happy and is being cuddled not when she is getting bad attention like chasing her!!!!!!!!!!

no a deer is a deer and a kitten is a kitten.

NO! you cannot give a cat or kitten aspirin. It is highly toxic to felines. With that being said you also have to make sure you do not give them anything that has aspirin in it like Pepto-Bismol.

You can feed your kitten boneless chicken breast. Don't put anything on it. Light or dark? White. You may be rest assured that this has been written by an expert on cats.

Your kitten should be fine, but if you see anything strange, take her to the vet immediately.