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Listen at the hatch lid when open and you work the remote lock/unlock on your key ring. You should hear the noise of the locking motor working. It is located near the bottom of the hatch towards the drivers (left) side of the hatch. If you hear a noisy motor, you know the wiring etc is OK. Then your problem is probably a worn out motor or linkage. If all the passenger doors lock and unlock OK and if the hatch lock notor makes no noise when activated it may be a bad wiring connection or a bad motor. You'll have to take off the inner plastic cover from the hatch and check out the wiring/motor etc. If all the door locks and the hatch do not work then check the fuse for that circuit Hope this helps Dave S

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โˆ™ 2006-12-02 18:32:00
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Q: Why doesn't your rear hatch lock on a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4?
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How do you change the taillight in a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

Open the rear hatch. you will see 2 screws on the side of the taillight. Remove them and pull the taillight out.

Does rear hatch on 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee fit 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It should, the body on the Jeep ZJ 93 - 98 are the same.

What are the Speaker sizes for a 93 Cherokee Laredo?

I have an 89 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, and both my doors, and back panel have 5.25" speakers... I'm not sure if the 93 Cherokee is the same, but I hope I help. My 92 Cherokee also has 5.25" speakers in both doors and in the rear hatch...however you can fit 6.5" speakers in the door with little or no modifications. Also you can fit 6.5" speakers in the rear hatch with a little cutting to the fiberglass.

How do you install a brake light on a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

lift the hatch back and you will notice 2 phillip screws take them off pull back housing and twist off white plastic bulb holders inside build is #3157

How do disarm the alarm for a 1997 Grand Jeep Cherokee?

The only way i found to disarm the alarm was to use the back hatch lock. lock it and unlock it a few times with the key. if this doesnt work try the door locks

Can you replace a 96 Jeep Cherokee radiator with a 96 jeep leredo radiator?

the Laredo is a Cherokee. it's just a different trim package. there's also the briarwood, sport, wagon, etc. it's all the same. yes, the radiators are the same. so is EVERYTHING ELSE in or on the vehicle. so, you could buy the electric seats from a Laredo and put them in a sport. or you could by the rear hatch with the wiper and put it on a briarwood. as long as you have the wiring and switches you can change the trim on any Cherokee. as far as the drivetrains they are exactly the same... As long as you are not trying to put a Grand Cherokee radiator in a regular Cherokee.

Where is the rear hatch open button located on a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee?

The rear hatch is unlocked with the same switches as the other doors. It is then only opened with the outside handle.

Where is the rear hatch door jamb sensor in a 1997 jeep grand Cherokee?

doc brown said it was under the flux capasitor

Where can I buy lifts for back hatch for 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo.?

You should be able to get them through autopart stores. You can also go to a auto recycler and have them get them from one of their vehicles. You can always get them from the dealer if this fails. Also try looking on line at a "crash parts" dealer. This is a place that sells parts to repair wrecked vehicles.

How do you change the turn signal switch on a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

If its the rear, open the rear hatch. Look on the side of the taillight, you will see 2 screws. remove them and pull the tail light out, and you will see 3 grey sockets. Untwist it about 1/4 turn and pull it out. The bulb can then be pulled out, and it should be a 3157 bulb.

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You do not have the remote for your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo how can you get the rear door open there is no key hole on it?

You can: -Open the drivers door and press "unlock" -Have a keyless entry system installed at a Best Buy or similar car audio shop. All of the locks (including the rear hatch) are on a central locking system and they will all lock or unlock together.

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How do you replace stop light bulb on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There are detailed instructions on the inside of the owners manual. You have to open the rear hatch and remove the screws on the light fixture.

How do you change the bulb on a brake light for a 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

If Diamler hasen't messed that up too, the pre 1999 GC's have the bolts that hold the tail light on visible when tail hatch is lifted. If so, remove them, lift the light off, turn it over and there's the bulbs. Pop it out, replace it and put it back together. Good luck!

Back hatch opens but the it doesnt shut what could this be?

there may be something stuck in the hatch

Lamp failure 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

most likely it is the high mount rear brake light. Open hatch and you will see where to remove the screw to access the bulb.

What do you do if the hatch on a 2000 Laredo will not lock?

I had the same problem with my 99 limited and the lock actuator need to be replaced

What is the deactivation procedure for factory alarm on a 1994 grand Cherokee jeep limited?

Put your key into the driverside door and slowly turn it to unlock. I found this is sometimes in the passenger door, and sometimes in the hatch.

How do you replace a brake light on a 2002 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Open the Hatch door you will find two philipps screws next othe edge of the light after unscrewing these pull out the entire tail light this is on a ball hinge just pull stright out and change light.

94 grand Cherokee Laredo broke keyless entry remote if i buy replacement remote and reprogram it will it work because car wont start maybe antitheft system?

On my 94 Jeep, you can disarm the security by unlocking the hatch with the key. So, you don' HAVE to buy a new remote, but it is more convenient than going to the back of the car and turning the key every time the security light comes on.

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How do you open a stuck hatchback on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?