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because the Greeks and the Athenians where saying that Socrates was corrupting the youth. Because he was making them question things instead of just accepting things as they were, and had always been

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Q: Why exactly is Socrates such a threat to Athens?
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Who was put to death on a charge of corrupting the youth of Athens?


Where did Socrates live when he was small?

Socrates was born in Athens, Greece and spent much of his life there. He lived in Athens during his childhood and early adulthood, and later became a prominent figure in the city's philosophical and political circles.

Did Socrates live in Sparta?

No, Socrates did not live in Sparta. He lived in Athens, where he became known for his philosophy and teaching methods.

Where did Socrates came from?

Socrates was born in Athens, Greece, in 470 B.C.

Where did Socrates live?

Socrates lived in Athens, Greece. Very little today is known about his personal life..Athens, Greece

Which state Socrates belonged?

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was a citizen of of Athens.

Was Socrates loved by everyone in Athens?

Many people loved Socrates, but not by everyone.

What killed socrates?

Socrates was sentenced to death by drinking a cup of poisonous hemlock in 399 BC after being found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens and impiety.

When was Socrates?

Athens, Greece, in 469 BC.

Who was thought to be the wisest man in Athens?


Who was executed for corrupting the youth of Athens?

Socrates was executed for corrupting the youth of Athens. He was charged with impiety and corrupting the youth, leading to his conviction and sentencing to death by drinking poison (hemlock).

Was Socrates from Greece?

Yes, Socrates was from Greece. He was born in Athens in 470 BC and is considered one of the founders of Western philosophy.